Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Trot & Thanksgiving #1

Having an 11 month old definitely increases the photo taking, so Thanksgiving weekend is getting broken up into 2 posts.  

My weekend actually started on Wednesday, one of my normal days off.  I got up at normal time and whipped up a little breakfast for hubby & I to enjoy for the holiday.  I have seen the recipe on several blogs and Pinterest and I thought this was the perfect time to try it! Apple Cider Doughnuts...delicious!

My in-laws actually volunteered to keep Elyse on Wednesday so I could head home forthe day to help my mom for party prep. It was so much easier to work in the kitchen, decorate tables, and make trips to the grocery store without an 11 month old under our feet.  We got lots done and we were able to enjoy another family outing on Thanksgiving Eve...a MSU Bears game.

It was a less than exciting game, a blow-out in our favor, but it was still a fun time and it's always fun when I can dress Elyse up in a cute outfit!

Thanksgiving morning we woke up bright and early for our first official Turkey Trot as a family.  And as we were getting ready to leave the house, I glanced out the backdoor and couldn't help but be so incredibly thankful.  I mean, how could you question God with a sky like that?!

We bundled Elyse up & headed for the starting line with over 8500 other people.  She was all set with her coat, blanket, pacifier, & snack catcher full of Cheerios.  And also, thanks to my good friend Nancy, we had an awesome jogging stroller to complete the race with.  Hubby was in charge of pushing Elyse while I was just concerned with finishing. 
Ready for her first official Turkey Trot!

Checking out Daddy's funny headband! 
& laughing at Momma's funny headband too!  ha! 
Hubby & I had the same agreement as we did with the Silver Dollar City run...whenever I needed to walk, I could.  I started off feeling good, but almost to the 1st mile marker I realized that I was feeling incredibly tired and worn down...and that would make sense since we were running a sub-10 minute mile.  Yeah, this girl doesn't run...and she certainly doesn't run sub-10 minute miles.  So...we slowed off a bit, walked for about .3 of a mile and I was feeling better.  It was a quick race, and incredibly crowded with so many participants, but a lot of fun!  I ended up finishing my second official 5k by smashing my previous PR...36:37 last race, & 33:31 this race!  Woohoo! 

We came home and put Elyse down for a quick nap, showered, & then headed down to my parents' house for the Thanksgiving festivities!  We had a fabulous afternoon with friends & family and Elyse certainly enjoyed her first Thanksgiving meal. 

Loving green beans, turkey, & rolls for Thanksgiving!
We always have Christmas crafttime after we eat lunch.  This year we made a few different Christmas ornaments, Peppermint Trees and/or Wreaths, & Ribbon/Pearl Trees.  It's always a fun time and something the ladies look forward to every year.  
My finished products!
We spent the late afternoon & evening with a smaller crowd, my parents & brother & sister-in-law.  Elyse had a fun time playing and even gave us a few great grins for a family photo shoot! 
I was reminded this year, as I truly as every year, just how much we have to be thankful for.  This year we celebrated with our new baby girl & next year, we'll be celebrating with my new niece or nephew!  I'm going to be an aunt in May 2013!  We've known for several weeks, so I've been keeping quiet for awhile.  Nick & Millie are going to be incredible parents & I can't wait for Elyse to have a cousin who's so close to her age.  More Thanksgiving updates to follow...

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