Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekend Rewind~Dinner & a Movie

So it might be Tuesday, but I'm still smiling as I look back on our weekend and what fun we had.  

Friday night was just a family night at home.  We had leftover soup for dinner which meant a quick kitchen cleanup & then we just played with Elyse before it was time for our nightly bath, bottle, bed routine.  I just love the moments we have after dinner playing with her in the floor or just watching her read her books.  & seriously, I don't think this girl could love water anymore...she LOVES bathtime!   
Can you tell?  Happy, nakey baby!
Saturday was one of the first Saturday mornings in awhile where neither Hubby or I had to work or we didn't have other plans.  Elyse woke up about 7...YIPPEE!!!...and we all cuddled in bed for awhile before Elyse got tired of that and wanted down to play.  Hubby headed out for the last official mowing of the year & I put Elyse down for her morning nap.  After she woke up, or after I woke her actually, we headed to Springfield for a quick stop at Staples and then a quick lunch at Chick-fil-A.  We were curious as to what she would do if given a whole french fry and it was quite hilarious...all she did was clench it in her right hand and examine it.  It was like she didn't know what to do with a piece of food so giant!  Guess that's what we get for tearing her food into bite size pieces!

After lunch we headed to our first MSU Bears game as a family.  Elyse had been already with my parents, but Nick & I weren't able to go.  She was missing her afternoon nap so I was a little worried how things would go...but I shouldn't have.  For the first half she was too busy taking everything in to realize she was tired & for the second half she became a little cuddle bug since she was sleepy.  This momma certainly wasn't complaining about the extra cuddles.
Hubby & Elyse, who was more interested in what was going on around her than picture taking!
Elyse with Papa, Uncle Nick, & Daddy
Elyse & her Boomer Bear...she loves that thing, but she only gets to play with it during MSU games.  We're taking bets on how long it lasts this season!
Momma & Elyse
After the game we went to my in-law's house to drop off Elyse.  They volunteered to watch her for the night while Hubby & I ran a few errands but also had date night.  We picked up Elyse's birthday present, had dinner at a new pizza place downtown & then headed for the movie theater to watch Skyfall.  It was a pretty perfect night, minus the part where I had to sit through a red-banded movie trailer for the new Quentin Tarrentino film...yeah, not a fan of that & I'm honestly thinking about writing a letter after I finish this post.  The trailer was just unnecessary, especially in a theater showing a PG-13 movie.

Sunday Hubby & I had nursery duty for first service & then we attended second service where my in-laws & Elyse joined us.  We had a nice lunch out & then headed home for some work around the house.  Hubby headed outside to put up Christmas lights while I worked in the house & played with Elyse after her nap.  We then headed to small group & called it a night.  Another pretty fabulous fall weekend for the Layman family of 3!
Hubby hanging lights while Elyse watches from her stroller!
She's got her Cheerios & a hoodie...what more does she need?
BIG yawn!
Stuck in her toy & not happy!  

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Mrs. Pancakes said...

Seriously Elyse has the best facial expressions!! The movie trailer did not make sense at that time...I love how your whole family is close by:-)