Saturday, May 4, 2013

it's May...i think??

So before I document post about our amazing trip to the Dominican Republic or Nick's 30th Birthday party or how I think my daughter grew 6" (not really) while we were gone...I have to take a moment to record what might be a once in a lifetime event for us...or at least I hope it's a once in a lifetime event. 
Snow in May...that is sticking to the ground. 

Winter, we've had enough of you here in Missouri and I'd really like to actually see a Spring season...instead I'm afraid we may completely skip Spring and move right into Summer!  Of course for this girl who's now got quite a tan & summer fever, I'd much prefer 85+ degree temps to this craziness of 40 degrees or below! 

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Melanie said...

LOL and I thought we had crazy weather here in West Virginia!