Friday, May 31, 2013

Bullet Points & Pictures for the end of May

  • The weater has been beautiful...hence the reason for a lack of blogging, I'm still taking plenty of pictures but I'm just not taking time to actually post, comment, or edit.  Oh well, time outside with Elyse at this age is TOO fun!
  • Elyse is seriously so fun at this age, we have daily giggle fests and tickle monster attacks which honestly makes me feel like my heart is going to explode from the love & joy I get from her each day.  She of course also is starting to have her own opinions and is showing a little bit of a stubborn side...but oh how I love this little girl!  
  • We had our first momma/daughter cooking experience last week...ok, so she really just watched as I finished rolling the cookies into balls...but we both enjoyed the fruits of our labor after they were finished baking!  I can't wait until we can actually bake together...she's going to love it!  
  • Hubby certainly knows the way to my running shoes for our anniversary!  I'm in love! 
  • We've discovered Elyse's favorite meal..spaghetti!  This girl can shovel it down!  This picture was after Daddy had already cleaned her face, she has a little bit of a reaction to the acidity of the tomato sauce...but she definitely needed a bath after this meal!
  • We had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend...maybe I'll get some of the photos I took from my actual camera up sometime next week.  Elyse is starting to love sidewalk chalk...until she trips and falls into it...
& then she looks like a pitiful little Wild Indian with chalk all over her face!
  • Last weekend we were struggling a little bit with naps...and she decided she wanted to finish her nap in her momma's arms.  I quickly obliged and we took a nice nap together.  I'll take it, I don't get cuddles very often anymore!
  • Tuesday night, Hubby & my dad went to a STL Cardinals game; so Elyse and I hung out with Gigi for the evening.  This girl is seriously a country girl at heart!  She LOVES being outside...and seriously two seconds before this picture she was tromping through the weeds that are right behind her!  Definitely time for a bath when we got home from our walk!
  • But before the bath...time for an orange popsicle!  She had it running all the way down her elbows and to her knees and into her shoes!  But she loved it!
  • We've been exploring the local parks & playgrounds a lot in the last few weeks!  She's really getting brave and loves going down the slides and climbing all around!  
  • I've resolved as of yesterday to set my alarm for 15 minutes earlier so I can get up and shower and still have time for some quiet time before Elyse awakes.  Today I certainly was thankful for it...I certainly needed this word this morning! 


Megan said...

Not going to lie, I love the picture where you called her a pitiful little Wild Indian. That's just too pitiful! Glad you got to come play with us Wednesday!

Danavee said...

I LOVE her smiles. She is just so cute. And I think she looks like daddy!!!!

Melanie said...

Love the pics! We're enjoying the outdoors here too (when its not TOO hot!)..summers and toddlers equals lots of fun for sure!

Courtney B said...

My blogging definitely goes down (or practically disappears) during the summer! I'm just too busy enjoying being outdoors... it only lasts for so long until winter ruins everything. Ha ha!
I love when Mia decides to finish her naps in my arms. It's just the BEST!

kendra @ little almanac said...

Love the spaghetti shot!!

Theodora Ofosuhima said...

Precious, precious of sweet sleeping E :)