Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend 2013~Perfection

I honestly don't know how my Mother's Day weekend could have been any more perfect!  Friday night we stopped for dinner at one of our favorite local burger joints, complete with suzy q's &root beer floats and then we made a family trip to Lowe's for some various house stuff...Elyse loves Lowe's so this was no problem for her.  Hubby & I finished off the evening curled up on the couch with a Redbox...Jack Reacher.  A good action flick. 
Saturday we still had some Mother's Day shopping to finish up so we got up early &headed out for several errands.  After achieving our goals and even managing to have a random, spontaneous lunch with my cousin & his wife & their 3 kids &their niece...we headed home for the afternoon so I could enjoy my Mother's Day! 
With us visiting both of our mother's on Sunday, we decided that I could celebrate Mother's Day on Saturday afternoon.  I mentioned to Hubby that all I really wanted to do was pick up some colorful flowers and start filling the flower pots that were empty & lining the inside of our garage.  Hubby of course obliged, and after we got Elyse down I got to work planting a few pots and getting a few more flowers in the ground.  I still have so much to do...but at least we have some color on our front porch now!   

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening playing outside, grilling a pizza on our Big Green Egg, going for a family walk, and finishing things off with smore's!  And Hubby & I also had the privilege of watching another Redbox...Argo. Great movie! 
Still maintaining that crinkle-nosed grin!
Momma & Elyse...don't touch my marshmallow!
Possibly one of my most favorite recent photos! 
Who needs spaghetti for a Lady &the Tramp reenactment!  Gosh how I love these 2!
Sunday morning I was treated to yummy cinnamon rolls, a sweet card from my girl (written by Hubby), flowers, and two presents...a new dress & new sandals picked out by Elyse (or at least she chose between two options that Hubby gave her)! 
Oh how blessed I am! 
We rushed around & headed to church where we had a fabulous message about praying for & with your family and then we headed over to Hubby's parents house for Mother's Day Lunch.  We brought Mamaw a beautiful pot of flowers, and my SIL had also had our nephews paint a platter at one of those "paint-your-own" pottery places.  We put all the kids footprints in a train car and included the verse Proverbs 22:6a~Train up a child in the way he should go.  Of course she loved it! 

And then everyone was thankfully in a great mood so we snagged some Mother's Day photos! 
I have to include this one with Toot's ankles little lady!

Oh how much joy this picture brings me! 
Hubby & his momma!  I can't believe we got him to take this picture...
& Elyse was done with photos!
Oh how blessed I am to be a part of this crazy family! 
All the mommas!
& all the ladies! 
Check out those pigtails! 
We headed down to to my parents' house for Mother's Day dinner...where Elyse was thankfully game for some more Mother's Day photos! 
And all the Smart ladies...Millie (come on Harper, any day now), Elyse, Gigi, & Me!
Elyse LOVES my parents' dog Bailey!  and Bailey is SO super gentle with her!
&hugs for Bailey!
The proud parents-to-be...induction date...May 21!
& my precious family!
Momma & Elyse
Me & my beautiful momma!
Checking out the pool..still a little green, but we'll be swimming in it in NO time!
Just chilling with Uncle Nick & Aunt Millie
Who needs dinner when you can have ice cream & strawberries?
Hope you all had an amazing Mother's Day as I was a pretty perfect day!


Danavee said...

Loved Argo. Edge of my seat loved it.

Love marshmallow mouth too. Cute girl.

Meg {henninglove} said...

happy mothers day to you yesterday lauren! looks like you had a wonderful weekend. i love all the photos of elyse she is such a doll. p.s. what is a suzy q?