Monday, June 24, 2013

Insta-Weekend Rewind

I didn't ever pull out my big camera this weekend, so I bring you our recap via Instagram & phone photos! 

Friday night we stayed home and grilled cheddar brats for dinner. I'm not sure why, but Hubby & I are on a cheddar brat delicious and the perfect summertime meal! 

After dinner we headed out for Tropical Sno...Elyse enjoyed it, but really was more fascinated with watching the cars go by!
Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry & Green Apple...yum!
Hubby & I finished off our evening with a movie on the couch...a perfectly relaxing summer evening! 

Saturday morning Hubby had to work so Elyse and I had some quality time together at home...and it ended up being more than usual since she slept late and decided not to take her morning nap.  Of course imagine my surprise when I went in there to get her from her non-nap and as I reached down to pick her up she handed me...her diaper!!!  I had put her down without any shorts on because they were wet, but apparently she didn't want to leave her diaper on anyway!  Thankfully the crib was dry & clean...silly girl! 

After Hubby got off work we left Elyse with my parents & headed out for our local HBA Parade of Homes.  We enjoy checking out the houses each year, but this year was definitely different since we're in the midst of working on plans for a potential build ourselves.  We had a great time and finished our date-day up with a movie...Now You See Me.  Definitely a good movie if you like that kind of thing, we certainly enjoyed it.  We grabbed a quick dinner of wings and french fries (healthy, yes I know!) before meeting up with my parents at our house so they could drop off Elyse. 
All ready for a day of house-touring!
She was in fine form, still going strong at 9!  I'm not sure how long she would have stayed awake if we had let her. 
This is what she did when I asked her to pose...she dropper her new laptop (seen in the bottom left), and backed up and sat down on her bottom!  Sassy Pants!
Yesterday we headed to church and then I had a relaxing pool day at my parents' house while Hubby went and had some guy time at the golf course. 
Another dress made by Gigi...a little long, but still adorable!  And maxi dresses are in style right?
A little topless sunbathing for our swimming pool diva!

Playing with momma! 

The best we could get with all the girls! 
We finished up the weekend by having my in-laws and one of Hubby's good friends over for a taco dinner.  Hubby and I crashed on the couch as soon as Elyse was down for bed...a busy, but very fun-filled weekend for sure! 


Danavee said...

You can get jalapeno cheddar brats at the farmers market on Republic Road. They are great!

Melanie said...

Love your dress to go househunting in!