Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Rewind~Girl on a Mission!

We had a pretty wonderful weekend.  Friday evening we managed to squeeze in some time outside before the storms and rain hit, but thankfully we were spared any seriously, severe storms.  However, the rain came, and came, and came some more.  It was actually pretty peaceful to sleep soundly with the rain pounding against our house. We definitely appreciate the rain, even Bogey...who has laid claim to the nice mudpit that has formed in our backyard.  Yeah, another project for another day. 

Saturday morning was our neighborhood garage sale & we didn't have a whole lot of stuff to put out, but we figured what the heck!  We did get rid of an old weed eater, some old lawnchairs, and LOTS of clothes.  We managed to make enough for us to have a nice dinner for 3-4 hours of work I'd say it was worth it. 

Hubby had a golf tourney that still managed to happen on Saturday afternoon so Elyse & I headed into Springfield for a momma/daughter date night complete with some shopping for me, some shopping for Elyse, and a birthday present for Gigi.  We also stopped and had a quick dinner which is becoming an interesting experience.  Something about a high chair in a public place is not high on her list of favorite places to be! 

Before church on Sunday morning...maybe one of my favorite pictures of us! 
Yesterday was my mom's birthday so after church and some yardwork we headed down to Branson for a fabulous dinner at Cantina Laredo.  My brother & his wife along with their new baby were also able to join us so it was our first dinner out as a family of 8!  We have definitely moved into the large party, must make a reservation level of dining out! 
My precious family...all 8 of us!

A Cardinals jersey & trucker hat...I can pretty much guarantee these will be hers very soon!

So blessed!
Elyse definitely has developed quite the little personality.  She is a strong-willed, bound & determined little girl who spends most of her time taking in the world around her, and knowing exactly what she wants!  I'm just glad that we had our cameras out as our little spit-fire was showing off!
Girl on a mission!


After dinner we wanted to wear Elyse out a little bit so we did some shopping & just let Elyse run around like the crazy child she is!  And of course she also ended up with something new for herself...a bright pink kitty from Build-A-Bear.  Yes, the grandparents were with us...and yes, she is spoiled rotten!  ha! 

Loving on her kitty!
Elyse's best "cheese" face! 


Melanie said...

Love her outfit..great pics! Glad you guys were spared from the severe storms..its been crazy in the mid-west the past few weeks!

Amanda said...

i totally understand about the large parties at restaurants now! haha! my brother has 2 kids, and i'm about the have 2. Can't get enough of Cantina! :) i'm so thankful we have dodged all the tornadoes lately. praise the Lord!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love her little expressions!! they are so darling!

*~~Nancy~~* said...

What a wonderful weekend!!!

Danavee said...

Yay for a successful garage sale! You got rid of some things AND make a little money!!!

Susannah said...

What a wonderful weekend! It's funny to me that you were happy about the rain. Here in Portland we are dreaming of sunshine. :-)

TOI said...

She is such a big girl now. my, my they grow so fast, i have a similar picture of AOI on a mission in the mall :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

What a busy weekend! There is definitely a weird time with kids and restaurants, for a while we were only going places where we could sit outside!

Sarah said...

I want to SQUEEZE her!!