Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Breaking the cabin fever...

Praise the Lord, the frigid temperatures have gone away for at least a brief time, and they've been replaced with some warmth & sunshine!  It's definitely not HOT outside, but it's definitely an acceptable temperature to at least be outside with a light jacket.  

With Elyse & I both fighting off this lovely cold, we armed ourselves with lots of Kleenex and headed outside to join the rest of our neighborhood for just a little while.  After being couped up in a sicky house, it was so nice to just get outside and breathe in some fresh air.  

Elyse quickly wanted to break out the sidewalk chalk (which is honestly on it's last legs--I need to stock up before Spring really does arrive), and the other kids joined in.  They apparently were all about drawing portraits of Elyse...I mean, can't you see the resemblance?  Ponytail and all!

This was apparently the life-size/monster Elyse...please don't ask, when 7-9 year olds break out the sidewalk chalk, you never know what kind of artistic masterpieces are going to show up!  

Elyse also grabbed onto one of our neighbors scooters...not sure she quite understood the concept, but she was having  blast riding with her Daddy!

Yesterday it was nice and warm again so after Elyse's afternoon nap we headed back outside.  Elyse was loving the slide and I am already so excited for Spring to officially arrive so we can be outside more!

Playing ball with Bogey 

Momma...I need toys!  She was really wanting her water table, and I'm not sure she quite understood that it was still too cold outside to break out the water!
When we came in last night, I knelt down and kissed the top of her head...and then had to pause for an extra moment to take in the outdoor smell.  Even with a winter cold, I just loved the smell of outside mixed with all the "little girl" smells...come on Spring, I'm more than ready for you to arrive!  

And this morning, Elyse took her first official selfie..."Momma, I take picture of Elyse?"  I showed her the button to push and there we go...definitely not the most flattering, but pretty stinkin' cute that she wanted to take pictures of herself!!


Susannah said...

Sounds like the perfect way to combat cabin fever!!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

it felt great being able to go out and enjoy some sunshine...and LOVE that she loves sidewalk chalk fun...i can't wait for that!!

Theodora Ofosuhima said...

It was nice to have couple of days warm last week but we're back with rigid cold.

Looking forward to spring, lately the sun is promising something good is around the corner - another two months for us.