Monday, February 3, 2014

My Pre-Birthday Weekend!

I always deem whichever weekend is closest to my birthday as the official "birthday weekend"...if for no other reason than to have an excuse to eat whatever I want! ha!  Calories don't count for birthday celebrations right?!? 
Friday evening we had a semi-casual night at take-out for dinner, and then maybe the EASIEST baby-sitting job ever.  My bestie needed someone to watch her 3 kiddos for a couple of hours and Elyse absolutely LOVES them, so of course I said yes!  We played for a little bit after dinner and then Hubby popped some popcorn and we started up Monsters University.  After that they all just sat and watched the movie...easiest baby sitting job for sure! 
Saturday Elyse & I had a Saturday morning Zumba date & then we headed to Wendy's for a nugget & fries lunch.  We had a Missouri State Bears game during the afternoon, which was during prime nap-time but Elyse napped on the way up and she woke up a happy camper because she got to go to the Bears game!  We just came on home to have a relaxing Saturday evening at home...and we seriously HAD A BLAST!!!  Elyse was such a ham and was in such a fun mood!  Hubby & I seriously almost laughed until we cried with some of the crazy things she was doing...oh how that girl makes our hearts melt! 
Yesterday we headed to church and then back home before heading to my parents' house for the annual family Super Bowl/Birthday party for yours truly!  I didn't take many pictures besides those of Elyse..but she was definitely doing some things that were picture worthy. 
We started out with a dance the tune of a sound button Chuggington book that she is completely in love with.  She dances to it every time and wants anyone around her to join in on the dancing as well! 

We had a quick little birthday party before the game started and Elyse was all about helping her momma blow out the candles! 

However, she was apparently not all that excited about helping her momma open the presents! ha! 

We ate way too much yummy game-time food (guacamole, pizza dip, wings, tailgate sandwiches, spinach/artichoke dip, crabmeat appetizers, etc., etc., etc.)!  And of course strawberry cake at the request of the birthday girl!  We were all enjoying the game, and then Elyse decided that it was time for some excitement...Come on Uncle Nick...let's FLY!!!

See my little brothers' finger-tips at the bottom of the picture?!?  Thank goodness for tall ceilings!

She seriously doesn't move the entire time she's in the air...which makes everyone completely comfortable with catching her! 

Papa got in on a little bit of the action as well...I think she might have felt just a little safer in his arms...but then she'd go right back to my brother!  Fly again please, fly again!  Silly daredevil girl! 
She brings so much joy to our lives...even if we do have to shake the bad out of her every once in awhile!  ha! 
More birthday celebrations to come tomorrow...including another round of winter weather--is this snowy winter ever going to end?!?


Melanie said...

Love it! Her outfit is seriously so cute!!

TOI said...

I love this post. She is such a joy - just love it!