Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July 2014

As usual, our 4th of July celebrations didn't disappoint.  The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL this year...just warm enough to enjoy the pool, but cool enough to actually need a jacket as the fireworks started being shot off! 
We started our holiday celebrating off with our annual family tradition...visiting a local fireworks tent and spending WAY too much money on stuff that's just going to go up in flames.  This is a tradition that my dad has been a part of for as long as I can remember, and while the group selecting the fireworks has changed...the tradition has stayed alive.  Elyse was pretty excited with all the fireworks offerings...but became most attached to the standard chickens...and the Pooping Puppy.  Why would you name a firework that? 

And for those of you who are really are two Pooping Puppy's in action!  Basically a glorified snake, definitely a little disturbing!  ha! 

On 4th of July Eve, our little family of three had dinner out and then stopped by a friends' fireworks tent to pick out a few smaller things to enjoy at home.  Elyse LOVED the smokebombs aka marbles to her.  She ran and danced through the colored smoke all night! 

We also bought blue & red sparklers (at her request)...but she honestly didn't want much to do with them! 

Hubby also convinced me to be a little bit rebellious and we set off a few very small fountain-type fireworks for Elyse to enjoy...she was certainly ooohhhing and aaahhhing over the bright colors and loud pops!

Does this picture not just scream SUMMERTIME!!!
On actual Independence Day we spent the morning at home (we actually hung some stuff on our bare walls)!!! & then we headed down to my parents' house for lunch, naptime for Elyse, and some relaxing pool time for Hubby & I!  The rest of our family gathered around dinner time for a casual hot-dog bar and then we started the fireworks festivities!   We did a lot of the little kid-type stuff early on...more smoke marbles, parachutes, chickens, pooping puppies, robot dogs, frogs, boats, and LOTS of sparklers! 


Waiting for the parachutes to drop!

Apparently the Statue of Liberty even decided to make an appearance at our simple gathering!  ha!

And then it was time for the big stuff!  Elyse helped the boys gather all the supplies...but mainly just because that meant she got to ride in the golfcart!

We had quite the fireworks exhibition and Elyse watched every second!  Last year she wanted to be up on my parents deck, further away from all the action...but this year, she was right in the middle of it!  Love my little firecracker! 


Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

HA! The pooping puppy?! Who thinks of these things?! Well, it totally cracks me up!

Looks like a really wonderful 4th!

TOI said...

I love Elyse's excitement, looks like a wonderful you guys had an amazing July 4th