Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Family Adventures after the 4th

I've decided that the 4th of July should always be on Friday.  I realize that wouldn't work with the whole "4th of July" thing...but seriously, how wonderful was it to have a 3 day weekend in the middle of summer?!? 
Hubby & I had talked early on about taking advantage of the long weekend to do some fun family things with Elyse that we hadn't had a chance to do quite yet this year.  Whenever we're going to be in the car for a little longer than normal, but going somewhere fun...we've started telling Elyse that we're going on an ADVENTURE!!!  Of course then she asks..."Where's the adventure?" about 20x before we actually get there!  ha!  But it does seem to help her endure the long car ride when there's a promise of something fun at the end. 
On the adventure itinerary for Saturday...a trip to our local zoo.  My in-laws bought us family passes to our local zoo, Dickerson Park Zoo, and we had yet to actually use them!  Elyse LOVES animals and the weather on Saturday was beautiful so we decided to take a little roadtrip (all of 20 minutes) to the zoo!  It's not a huge zoo by any means, but it's big enough...and they have probably one the best giraffe exhibits I've ever seen!  Complete with biscuits (for a fee) that you can feed them right out of your hand...
Why hello there Mr. Giraffe!

The newest addition...only 9 weeks old!

Last year Elyse was a little timid around the giraffe's giant tongues...not this year, she was all about feeding them their biscuits!

Of course there were elephants and cheetahs and lions and zebras and tigers...but of course, my farm-loving daughter was most excited about the donkeys and the goats at the petting zoo!  Silly girl!  I'm sure she's a farm girl at heart...even with the big pink bow in her hair!  

After plenty of time at the zoo we had lunch at Chick-fil-A before heading home for Elyse's naptime...and maybe a quick nap for momma too!  We spent the evening just relaxing at home, enjoying our backyard & took Bogey for a walk around the neighborhood. 
On Sundy we decided to be rebels and skip church.  Yes, I know.  We're horrible.  However, sometimes quality family fun time can be just as much a blessing and just as much a reminder of God's provision and grace.  Or at least that's what I'm telling myself!  ha! 
Sunday we took Elyse to Silver Dollar City in Branson, only about an hour away.  They have lots of little kid rides and she had been once before this year with my in-laws and enjoyed every moment!  Well, I think she enjoyed every moment this time...except for at the measuring station where we got her bracelet for riding rides.  She had a serious MELTDOWN!!!!  And I was seriously afraid that we were going to have to packup and go home.  However, I think she was honestly just a little timid of the man dressed up in his old-time costume, complete with hat, glasses, and mustache...the trifecta of evil in Elyse's mind...apparently! 
After we got her bracelet on, we were all smiles!  She rode basically all the little kid rides...flying elephants, hopping frogs, flying butterflies, giant swings, and of course the horses on the carousel!  We were there for over 4 1/2 hours and I honestly think she would have lasted even longer if we would have let her keep riding the frogs!  She even got to the point where she was willing to ride all by herself!  My little girl is growing up!

Of course momma HAD to go down the giant twirly slide with her...I'm pretty sure I'm a little big! 


It was a fabulous family day with just the three of us!  We left a little after lunch, just in time for her to crash in the car for naptime.  I can't wait to have many more family adventures!  Next year, with both of our precious kiddos in tow! 


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Whenever we skip church we call it a 'creation appreciation day' and make sure we do something fun as a family. I say you are okay ;)

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

This definitely looks like an amazing adventure! Love the zoo pics! I would totally have gone down the slides too! :)
Your family exudes happiness and love!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I love family adventures...and Elyse seemed like she had the best time at both places!! We skip church too sometimes...God understands!!

TOI said...

Love all the pictures. Wow, that giraffe is tiny tiny... too cute