Friday, July 11, 2014

Charlie Love ~ 18 Weeks's a....

How far along: 18 weeks (closer to 19, but who's counting!)

How big is baby: A Sweet Potato, 6.7 oz
Gender: Another sweet baby girl! Watch out Daddy, you are totally going to be outnumbered now!

Weight gain/loss:  This month definitely had some weight gain, but nothing out of the ordinary.  Summer is so hard with so many events & outdoor activities.  Plus I haven't been able to get to Zumba as frequently as I'd like. 

Sleep: I'm still sleeping fairly well, with just one wakeup each night to use the bathroom.  While I'm still waking up before the alarm, I still wake feeling fairly rested which is a bonus with a rambunctious 2 1/2 year old and a busy summer schedule! 

Diet/Cravings/Aversions:  Still nothing here.  If I were to say I was craving anything, it would probably be fresh fruit and guacamole. But not together! ha! Thankfully it's summer time so the fresh fruit is available in abundance...but I seriously wish that avocadoes weren't so dang expensive! 

Movement: Definitely feeling a few little movements here and there, but nothing that you can feel or see on the outside.  It's definitely much more noticeable on the rare occasion that I do have something sugary to drink. 

What I'm loving:  Knowing the gender.  Something about having a gender for the baby just makes it so much more real....of course that means that there's LOTS of work to do now!  I honestly can't believe that I'm gonna be the momma of another sweet baby girl! 

Symptoms: Just my expanding waist line. I've decided to stock up on cotton/jersey skirts and maxi dresses for the rest of summer...the perfect wardrobe pieces to accomodate before/after baby! I've also been getting obnoxious leg/foot/toe cramps in the evenings...Hubby is convinced it's a ploy to get a foot rub, but I can't help it if my toes are bending on their own!

What I'm looking forward to: Narrowing down a name.  Picking nursery decorations.  Referring to the baby by their real name.  Oh there is so much I'm looking forward to! 

Best moment of the week:  Well it's always a pretty wonderful day when you get to see your baby on ultrasound, and finding out the gender with 50+ family & friends was pretty stinkin' amazing as well.  This baby is already so incredibly blessed! 
Trust me, there will be so much more about the gender reveal party, being a momma of 2 girls, and summertime fun to come! 


Hannah said...

oh, yay!! Congratulations! So exciting for you all! :)

Brittney Galloway said...

Congratulations!! Can't wait to hear her name!

Amanda Anderson said...

That video is precious! Your reaction is adorable! haha!

Congratulations on being a mama of TWO little girls! I know that Elyse and baby girl will have such a fantastic childhood. My sister and I are best of friends, and I can't imagine having grown up without her to pal around with, steal clothes from, and laugh at our awful teenage make-up-putting on skills. Having a sister is the best in the whole world.

P.S. you look gorgeous!