Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nora Kay Love ~ 36 Weeks!

And less than 4 weeks from now...we will have another baby girl!  Wow how time has flown! 

*please disregard the horrible photo quality & lighting...this is what happens when you hurriedly take full length selfies in a badly lit room!*

How far along: 36 Weeks!!

How big is baby: Crenshaw Melon; 5.75 lb

Gender: My sweet baby girl, Nora Kay!

Weight gain/loss: Still holding fairly steady at the 1 lb per week for the entire pregnancy which I'll take.  I don't feel like I'm gaining much weight anymore other than just in my belly...which is certainly nice.  I can certainly do without my face getting any rounder!  ha! 

Sleep: It's inconsistent, but manageable.  Some nights I wake up and have insomnia in the middle of the night.  Some mornings I wake up early and can't go back to sleep.  Some nights I sleep great and only wake up simply to move positions (which is becoming increasingly more difficult)!      

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I'm not afraid to admit that I'm taking advantage of my last few weeks of snacking at will.  The holiday season will certainly still provide lots of opportunities for yummy food...but you can bet that my New Years Resolution will include a complete overhaul of diet!  I'm still trying to watch the QUANTITY of food I take in at each sitting, simply because I get way too full and miserable if I eat too much. 

Movement: And I'm thinking this girl has run out of room.  The last few days I've been noticing a heel kicking my right torso, and I'm thinking this girl really just wants to stretch out but doesn't have anywhere to go.  She has also transitioned into the rolling movements vs. the sudden kicks or jabs.

What I'm loving: Honestly, just life right now.  We have wrapped up most all of our official obligations and big events and while we still have plenty to do each week and lots of fun holiday stuff to come, our weeks are slowing down....a true calm before the storm!  I also have a LOT of my Christmas shopping complete and most of Elyse's birthday presents have been purchased. 
Super comfy work outfit today!  TOMS booties (the only heels I can truly wear), black maternity skinny jeans (Old Navy), and the Blardigan (for all of you Pinterest Told Me To fans you know exactly what this is!)
Symptoms: Still holding with those typical symptoms of  the third trimester...some slight swelling (but nothing crazy), my ever-growing belly, heartburn, overall discomfort (playing in the floor with Elyse has become quite the Olympic sport), and bloating after meals...however, it's all so short-lived at this point! 

What I'm looking forward to:  Holding my newborn baby girl in my arms...but also just enjoying some of the last evenings with our family of 3.  I'm so DONE with being pregnant, and I want to just start the whole newborn process, even though I know it's going to be crazy difficult with an almost 3 year old!  We have several of our evenings at home which means lots of playtime for Elyse and of course we've got some super fun Holiday outings coming up.  I'm really just hoping that I don't get super miserable in these last few weeks!    

Best moment of the week: I had a blast with my annual Cookie Exchange, that has probably been moved permanently to the month of November & renamed the Thanks-Mas Cookie Exchange...but regardless, it was a fabulous time with some of the most precious women in my life.  And believe it or not...I took ZERO pictures, which allowed me to simply enjoy the night with all my girls!   


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Sara McCarty said...

You look fantastic! I can't believe you only have a few weeks left. I know they'll probably feel like they drag on forever, but enjoy them! Things are about to get CRAZY! Absolutely wonderful, but crazy. The very best kind of crazy. I'm so excited for you guys!