Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nora Kay Love ~ 38 Weeks

We're definitely counting down the days and starting to make some predictions as to when our precious baby girl will arrive.  I'm at about the same amount of progress that I was with Elyse at this point...and I didn't actually get to have a 39 week appointment with her because I went into labor.  Maybe that will happen this time as well! 

How far along:  38 Weeks
How big is baby: Leek; 6.75 lbs
Gender: My sweet baby girl, Nora Kay!

Weight gain/loss: Who cares.  I mean really.  Baby should be here in less than 14 days regardless, so I'm eating and drinking whatever I want as long as I feel comfortable.  And while I continue to gain weight at my appointments, I've also gotten some pretty great self-confidence boosters this week as people comment on how small I look for being 9 1/2 months pregnant.  I'll take it!   

Sleep: It's definitely not easy anymore.  Switching sides is a serious process in the middle of the night and it's certainly uncomfortable.  I'm still waking early, but I actually managed to sleep until 6 am for 3 mornings in a row recently...VICTORY!  Of course Elyse decided she wanted to wake up at 4:55am this morning; and while Nick went to try and get her back to sleep...I was up for good.  I seriously should have just gotten out of bed and started my day, but I can't bring myself to rise when it's still pitch black!        

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Another craving/aversion free pregnancy for me!  I'm truly thankful for this...although if I was going to crave anything, I wish it was fresh fruits and veggies.  ha! 

Movement: She's certainly still moving...but it can't be much fun for her in there. I imagine that she's becoming quite cramped...which would explain the ridiculous amounts of lower abdomen pressure/pain/discomfort.  Come on baby girl, just go on and start pushing yourself on out! 

What I'm loving: My life.  I know it sounds ridiculously corny,  but I'm just trying to soak up these last few quality days that we have as a family of 3.  Elyse has started talking more and more about her baby sister, Nora Kay, and I honestly can't wait to see the two of them together.  We're also loving just some quiet evenings at home, playing with Elyse's toys and enjoying her new games of make believe.  Even though it's quite difficult for me to get in the floor and play with Elyse, she's become quite understanding and enjoys climbing all over me while I rest on the couch in the evenings. 
A momma/daughter selfie commemorating one of our last days home with just the two of us!  I have one more day tomorrow where we have no plans but to do exactly what Elyse wants to do all day! 
Symptoms: Just simple discomfort.  I honestly don't remember being this uncomfortable with Elyse and while it's exhausting to be at home and playing with her...I'm really more uncomfortable from sitting at a desk during my working days (Monday, Tuesday, & Friday).  I'm thankful that I only have 2 days this week...and maybe that will be the end of my working days for awhile!  I've also got some crazy Braxton Hicks that kick in about the time we put Elyse to bed and they last until I fall asleep.  Nothing that is consistent enough to start timing...but these contractions have started to move towards my back which is where labor started with Elyse.  Hopefully that's movement in the right direction. 

What I'm looking forward to:  Of course I'm looking forward to Nora's arrival, but I'm also super excited about experiencing the holidays with Elyse this year.  She has already started talking about her birthday & Christmas and while I'll be in a pretty crazy newborn induced haze, I know that it's going to be amazing as I watch everything unfold through her eyes!   

Best moment of the week: Seeing Elyse's eyes light up as we got all the Christmas decorations out.  We decorated the tree while she was napping on Saturday afternoon, so it was pretty awesome to see her check out all the various ornaments and other decorations when she woke up.  She is absolutely in LOVE with Baby Jesus from her Fisher-Price nativity set and she has quite the running monologue regarding the animals and Baby Jesus and Mary & Joseph.  Oh how I adore her! 

And just because with Elyse this week resulted in my last belly photo...here's a comparison shot!  Nora on the left, Elyse on the right...38w4d with both of them! 


Melanie said...

Makayla is obsessed with baby Jesus too! We must be doing something right! ;-)

Susannah said...

Eeekk!!! You're so close!!!! :-D

Sara McCarty said...

You still look amazing! Come on Nora! We can't wait to meet you!