Friday, November 14, 2014

What Elyse Has to Say...

It dawned on me recently as Nora's arrival is now much sooner rather than later, that I haven't actually done an Elyse-dedicated post in awhile.  What can I say about this girl?  She has my whole heart and I truly can't wait to see her take on the role of big sister as she takes on everything else...with complete and reckless abandon and dedication. 

And so...while this isn't a full completely picture-laden post, here's a few things that Elyse has been spouting off recently on a regular basis. 

*Holler if you need me:  When Elyse would like some privacy in the bathroom, she typically asks for her magazine (a Reader's Digest she's had since the first time she went #2 in the potty) and promptly says...Holler when you need me!  And when she's done...she hollers for sure! 

*Beauty Spots:  She has recently noticed a couple of very small moles that I have on my face.  When she asked what they were I told her they were momma's beauty spots.  And when she repeated it, it sounded much more like "booty spots!" Well...the other night as we were putting on jammies and panties before bed, she pointed to her nipples and said...Hey, these are my beauty spots!  I think we have some explaining to do! 

*When walking into her disaster of a playroom..."Momma, I have toys everywhere!"  Yes, honey, yes you do! 

*When anything important is left out of a grouping...."Oh no, we almost forgot!" My favorite one was on Halloween before her cousin Harper joined her back in the wagon they were riding around in for trick-or-treating. Says Elyse: "Oh no Harper, we almost forgot you!" Something tells me we didn't almost forget Harper, but Elyse was certain she was about to be left out of the fun! 

*Shiny Moon:  Elyse prefers to call the sun, the shiny moon and she hates it when it shines on things. Yesterday as we were driving to work, the sunlight was shining on her new princess book.  She promptly starts hitting and slapping her book and hollering..."NO, SHINY MOON, NO! DON'T GET ON MY PRINCESS BOOK!!!" 

*Momma, hold you?  Momma, you are the bestest ever.  Momma, wannaplaywitme?  BEST. THREE. PHRASES. EVER. 

*An Early Tattler:  DADDY...Mommy, told me not to whine!  MOMMY...Daddy put me in timeout!  It's already started, we've got a tattle-tale! 

*With tear-filled eyes and a whiny voice..."Momma, I want my baby sister!"  Oh honey, so do I.  SO. DO. I. 
This girl never ceases to amaze me with the amount of knowledge and wisdom she already has at just under 3 years old.  And while we're all certainly a little biased, I just know that she's brilliant and beautiful (both inside & out) and will continue to bring joy to so many in this world.  As her little sister arrives in just a few short weeks (or days!)  I know that it will be a huge transition, but I also know that my heart is already nearly bursting at the thougtht of having the privilege to love another little girl like I do my precious Elyse. 

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Sara McCarty said...

She is adorable! I love the "shiny moon" reference. What a sweetheart. Mac says "momma hold you" too and that is one that I'm SO going to miss when he figures out how to say it correctly.