Monday, November 17, 2014

Polar Express 2014

With Nora's impending arrival, we've had to move around some of our annual holiday experiences...and our Polar Express train ride was one of them. We headed down yesterday afternoon for a fun evening fill with Hubby's family, a fun train ride, hot chocolate, and cookies...and we even managed to have an unseasonable snow fall which made it feel even more appropriate to be heading to the "North Pole."

Last year Elyse wasn't really too thrilled or excited about the whole experience...other than the fact that she got to spend the evening with her cousins.  And to be honest, this year really wasn't much different...she was asking to "go home" pretty much the second we got on the train.  However, she warmed up to the cookies and Christmas lights and even to Santa a little bit! 
Thankfully I got a great momma/daughter selfie! 

And Hubby toasted with our nephew Jackson! 

Elyse wasn't even real excited about the staff members waving at us as we left the depot...

Poor girl...she wasn't the happiest girl on the train!
But she was pretty excited as the conductor stamped her ticket with an "E"...and she even told him her name!
We read along during the reading of "The Polar Express"
And we ate the whipped cream off the hot chocolate with our fingers...
We looked at the Christmas light displays outside of the train...

And we briefly joined Mamaw & Pappy to see Santa & his dancing elves on the other side of the train. 

She also actually gave a little wave to Mr. Claus and his elves! 
And then it was time for the Big Guy to make his appearance...Hunter (our oldest nephew) played along like a champ, even though I don't really think he can hear the bell ringing anymore! 

But Jackson was THRILLED and even had a list all ready to share with Santa!

Elyse actually reached out to take the bell from Santa...and while she refused to take a picture with him...

Santa was tricky and decided that he would take a picture with her, even if she had no idea it was happening! 

The best we could do for a family picture...silly, cheesy Elyse!

And I absolutely adore this Hubby & his momma!  Such a precious, precious, lady!
After our train ride we had a nice family pizza dinner on the Branson Landing and then headed was a fabulous night, and Elyse had a blast even though it was freezing cold!  She sure does love her cousins! 

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Theodora Ofosuhima said...

This is such a beautiful experience. I'm sure she will cherish it when she is a bit older :)