Friday, February 6, 2015

Elyse's Day Out

Not long after Nora was born, my precious mother-in-law made a priceless suggestion.  "You know," she said, "once Nora starts taking a bottle, I'd be more than happy to keep her if you want to have some quality time with just Elyse." 
With the craziness of the holidays and also just enjoying our time at home, time slipped away from us and before I knew it, it was the week before I was supposed to head back to work.  However, we had one day that would work for us and I quickly snatched it up.  I wanted the day to be all about Elyse so I planned some of her favorite things, and a new activity as well. 
First up, we headed to an educational store so I could look at a few things...but Elyse also got to play with their train table, which honestly probably ranks near the top of her list for favorite things to do.  If we had more room I would totally buy our girly girl a train set! 
Next up was what I was most excited, but yet the most nervous about.  I made appointments for us to have pedicures at this place that has butterfly chairs for little girls and a huge Little Mermaid mural on one wall.  I honestly didn't know how Elyse would do...sometimes she is so super shy around strangers and even a little hesitant when it's a new situation.  To make her feel as comfortable as possible, I let Elyse pick out our paint for her and purple for me.

And she totally surprised me...she sat there like a big girl and even engaged with the "nice lady" who painted her toes bright pink and added white flowers on her big toe! And when she was done, she stayed put so they would dry while they finished up with me. 

After pedicures, we headed to chicken nuggets with the slide aka Chickfila.  Her choice, but certainly not one that I was going to argue with!  We love us some Chickfila!  Of course we also took some time to play on the slide.  
After lunch we headed to ToysRUs to spend a gift card she got for Christmas. She honestly wasn't all that concerned with bringing something home...she just enjoyed herself looking at the Disney princess aisle and admiring all the princesses. Before we left we hopped in the truck at the front of the store for a quick ride...and I honestly couldn't believe how big my little girl looked! 

She finally made her choice (with a little budget help from Momma) and came home with...7 handheld Disney princesses. She couldn't have been happier. 

I'm thankful that I only planned for us to be gone until naptime...I'm not sure she could have taken much more as she passed out on me in the car. 
We had such a fabulous day, and I was so thankful to my mother-in-law for giving us the chance to have a day to ourselves.  This little girl first made me a momma and I'm so grateful for every moment I get to spend with her.  She truly makes me a better person and has taught me things I never would have learned on my own.  With Nora's arrival I was slightly nervous about how the transition would go, but she has handled things smoothly & effortlessly and we never missed a beat. 
Thank you sweet girl, for being my first born and teaching me more than I could ever teach you. 


Melanie said...

So sweet! Something I've been wanting to do with Makayla..mommy daughter pedicures!

Susannah said...

What a wonderful mommy-daughter date! I love that you got pedicures together and I can't wait to do that someday with my own little girl!

Courtney B said...

You are the best mommy!! What a PERFECT day together! I have been considering taking Mia to do pedicures this week for a little Valentines date for us. She has been so out of it between being sick and the move... so I was thinking (and hoping) she might enjoy a little date like this! The nail shop you found is SO adorable though! The little chairs are perfect!