Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day with Two Sweethearts

Obviously, this was our first Valentine's Day with two sweet girls.  My intentions are always really great for holidays other than Christmas...but honestly life typically happens so sometimes I'm scrambling!  And I've learned to extend myself some grace for not having a Pinterest-worthy holiday celebration for every holiday.

Case in point...I had intentions to make Valentine's Day crafts with Elyse and possibly even Nora, but time just got away from me.  I was proud that Elyse & I at least made Valentine's Day spritz cookies with my new cookie-press.  She was in charge of decorating...and needless to say we had plenty of sprinkles & colored sugar on the floor!  ha!  
This year we hadn't really planned much...and I told Hubby that if we were going to do anything as a couple, he was in charge of planning.  Well...on Thursday he surprised me with dinner plans to a great restaurant in Branson, complete with my mother-in-law coming to the house to watch the girls and put them to bed!  We had a wonderful evening, kept our phones put away except to check to see if Mamaw had called, and ate a delicious dinner at Level 2 Steakhouse.  We were only gone from 6-9, but it was so nice to just get away for a romantic dinner.

 On Saturday morning we had a quick donut breakfast and Elyse headed out with my in-laws to watch my nephew's play basketball.  Hubby volunteered to watch Nora while I headed out to make some birthday returns and spend some birthday money!  I picked up some great things for Spring and now I just can't wait for this snow to melt!!!

We had a quick lunch with my in-laws after they brought Elyse home and then after naps Hubby took all his girls on a date.  We had Mexican food and Froyo before coming home and putting both girls to bed.  Hubby & I finished off the evening with a movie on the couch...a pretty great Valentine's Day if you ask me!

I actually thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with my girls, as a family of four, celebrating how much we all love each other.  And Hubby & I have decided that we may just celebrate every year on February 12!  

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