Sunday, February 22, 2015

Snow Day Play!

Exactly one week ago, we were awaiting our first official winter storm of the year.  Last year we had ridiculous amounts of snow and brutally cold temperatures, but for the most part this year we've avoided any serious winter weather.  

I was actually looking forward to a nice coating of the white stuff and the weathermen definitely got it right this time!  We woke up Monday morning to a Winter Wonderland!  Hubby & I were already off work because of President's Day & it was really nice to enjoy an unexpected day home to relax!

Elyse was battling a bit of a cough, but she wanted to go out and we all bundled up and while Nora was napping we headed out to the front yard.  

To be honest, Elyse wasn't really sure what to think about it all...I know that will change as the years go by!  We were literally outside for probably less than 15 minutes--the wind made it super cold, the snow was dry which meant no snowman, and Elyse decided to take her glove off--which resulted in a cold and wet hand.  So...back inside we came!  

We also made our first ever batch of snow ice cream, but Elyse was more interested in adding sprinkles than actually eating it.  No worries...more for Mommy & Daddy to eat! 

 Monday was a fun, relaxing day with no plans but staying inside and watching movies...Tuesday we unfortunately had to head back to work and the real world--but I'll take an unexpected snow day anytime!  And now...the snow can melt and Spring can come, we're getting a little bit of cabin fever around here!


Susannah said...

Fun, fun, fun! Although I hate the cold I totally make an exception when it's snowy! ;-)

Sara McCarty said...

Love it! Mac had so much fun playing in the snow too! I know you have a newborn and all, but when are you coming back to STL? We have got to get these kids together to play sometime!