Friday, February 13, 2015

Our Princess & the Pea!

One of the big transitions we chose NOT to tackle before Nora was born was moving Elyse to a big girl bed.  She never once tried to climb out, other than that time when she was 10 months old, and since her crib converted into a full size bed we chose to just buy Nora a new crib instead of switching everything around. 

Elyse has been napping in either a queen or king size bed for the past several months with absolutely no problems, so I was hoping that once the time came it would be a smooth transition.  I really didn't have a timeline for it, but back before Christmas Hubby & I decided that we'd try and make the transition sometime in February when mattresses were on sale for President's Day.  This decision was even further confirmed when we realized that some nights Elyse was struggling to fall asleep because there truly wasn't enough room in her crib for her long legs & all her stuffed animal friends!  Hubby even had to remove all of them one night just so she could fall asleep. 

A couple of weeks ago we ordered the mattress and it came in the next last Saturday morning Hubby & I worked to transform our little girl's nursery into a big girl room. 

We pushed one side up against the wall and we have a bedrail on the otherside that we put up for her overnight.  

She looks so little in the huge bed!  

 I didn't change much of anything, except for the size of her bed and buying her new bedding that already matched the decor from her nursery bedding.  A pink & ruffly comforter with princess crown sheets...this little girl couldn't have been more in heaven!  
It's pretty wonderful to be able to cuddle in bed before she goes to sleep reading books and singing songs.  

Yup, that's daddy underneath all of those stuffed animals!  
I really wasn't concerned about the transition and so far, so good.  She stays in bed at night when she goes down and for the most part she has stayed in her bed in the morning.  This morning we did have to take her back at 5:15am, but otherwise she's been great.  I do think we might have to purchase some sort of toddler clock to let her know when it's acceptable for her to come into our room.  

I'm thankful that we waited so long to make this transition, it seems to have made things a lot easier too since she had been napping in a bigger bed for so many months...she's done so great & I just hope that it continues!  


Courtney B said...

Oh my gosh, her comforter!! That is the cutest ever! I think when we finally transition Mia out of the crib, we will go with a bigger mattress like this as well!
I'm glad the transition was so smooth! What a blessing!

Sara McCarty said...

She is so cute! Look at all that pink! I'm so impressed that she's sleeping in a big bed. Mac is NEVER getting out of his crib. :) I am dreading the day we have to make the transition because I do not trust that child free-roaming around for ANYTHING.