Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fantastic Footwear, Culture & a little bit of Coach!!!

Well as you can probably guess from the title of the blog...I certainly had a fantastic birthday. Hubby, my parents, & my in-laws spoil me more than I deserve, but boy is it fun!!! I started off yesterday morning by getting up about 30 minutes early so Hubby could give me his gifts before he headed off to work. I also opened up the fun package my fantastic in-laws sent. I forgot to take pictures of it but it was wrapped of course & also had a "Birthday Girl!" ribbon on it as well. That present contained a sweater & cami from Banana Republic & a gift card for new sunglasses which I'm super excited about.

Then we moved on to Hubby's gifts....this must have been the year of the shoes because he picked out 2 fantastic pairs of shoes (a pair of black Coach tennis shoes & a pair of black & white Cole Haan tennies). You might be wondering why 2 pair? Well he found the Cole Haan's on sale for 70% off--how can you pass that up?!? My next gift was something I had definitely asked for: tickets to Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy at the Fabulous Fox in St. Louis. I love the theater & Cirque shows are just amazing!!! My next gift was definitely a surprise...apparently Hubby had already bought these before I asked for the Cirque tickets because he also got us tickets to see Lion King in Oklahoma City. I was so surprised--it will be a great little weekend trip at the beginning of May and I can't wait for either production! As a fun gift he also got me a pair of opera glasses--not sure if I'll use them all that much but a creative idea anyways. He also managed to leave a bouquet of yellow roses on our kitchen island that I didn't discover until I headed into the kitchen for breakfast. Have I ever mentioned how fantastic my Hubby is?!?

Anyways, then it was off to work for a busy day of meeting with clients while riding around with my Dad. It was definitely a fun day & better than being stuck in an office, but I can't help but feel a tad bit behind when I finally get back.
5:00 finally came, we headed to Springfield to eat at a nice restaurant downtown where we all actually ordered hamburgers & french fries. Not just regular hamburgers--these are made from left over steak meat & the salt/vinegar french fries are to die for!!! The basketball game was a little boring especially since I was ready to head home to open presents from my parents. The time finally came & they certainly didn't disappoint--they went overboard as usual with another pair of shoes, some clothes, some jewelry & my most favorite of all...
Needless to say I had a fantastic birthday & got way more than I needed. My mom informed me that I am now on my second 1/4 century of life--isn't that just comforting.

Today, was just another workday--although we did go out to lunch for my birthday with all my co-workers. Work was long and stressful, but it was 60 degrees outside with a forecast for 65 tomorrow!!! I'm so ready for Spring!

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