Monday, February 16, 2009

What a Wonderful Weekend!!!

Well, the weekend has obviously come and gone...but I am just now catching up on all the new posts and getting to post some details from our Valentine's Day Weekend. As I'd previously mentioned, Hubby & I both had to work Saturday morning & it was freezing outside so we didn't end up leaving town until about 3:00 Saturday afternoon. I had big plans of dressing all cute in something new, but with the weather and the fact that I still wasn't feeling 100%...I opted out of that option.
We headed to Branson Landing and did a little bit of shopping. We bought a large decorative vase to go in the corner of our newly painted dining area & I also bought some new sunglasses with the gift card I got from my mother-in-law. I just love them & they won't leave nasty lines on my face like the cheap ones I was wearing.
We had dinner at Cantina Laredo & I am soooo glad we had reservations. The wait when we walked in was 1 hour 45 min - 2 hours. YIKES!!!! They had even run out of pagers so they were telling people to come back in an hour and check to see if a pager was available. We were seated practically immediately and had a fantastic dinner. They have apple pie on a hot skillet with warm brandy sauce that is absolutely wonderful!!!
Once dinner was over we headed over to the Chateau on the Lake, checked in to our room and just talked for the longest time. With the busy week Hubby had & the fact that I had been sick practically all week, we had no big expectations for the weekend except to relax and just enjoy each other's company. That's exactly what we did and I couldn't have hoped for a better weekend. Sometimes it's so nice to just sit around with no television, Internet, or cell phones and just remember why we fell in love & got married in the first place. We had a great breakfast on Sunday morning and then we took our time coming back home. It was a short trip but so worth it & it was very refreshing for both of us.
I failed to take any pictures of us & the view out of our hotel room was great, but not really picture worthy so here are a few of my favorite pics of us from over the years.

Our first Valentine's Day together--February 2004--Wow, look at that hair!

STL Cardinals' games are one of our favorite things to do!!!

Another Cardinals' game...STL Cardinals vs. Springfield Cardinals...the inaugural season for Springfield
One of the best night's of my life...the night he asked me to be his wife!!!

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