Friday, February 20, 2009

Yeah for the Weekend!!!

So the weekend is finally here and I'm so excited!!! Not because we have anything real exciting planned, but this week has just seemed long to me (even though I didn't even have to work on Monday). Anyways, Hubby & I are having dinner and going bowling tonight with a couple from church. It's actually one of the pastors and his wife, but they are only about 5 years older than Hubby & I so we have a great time together.

Tomorrow is my little brother's 23rd birthday so we're going out to eat tomorrow night and then my sister-in-law is hosting a party! It should be a great time and rumor has it that she's made Paula Deen's recipe for Coconut Cream Cake...YUM!!!!

Sunday will be most likely be time for rest & relaxation--also known as going to the gym and doing laundry! Hopefully I'll actually take some pictures this weekend---I've gone too long without some recent photos!

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