Friday, December 18, 2009

Rock Chalk Jayhawk vs. Hail to the Victors

Today I am taking off work at noon so that Hubby & I can head to Kansas City with our friends Brandon & Jacinda. We are spending the night with Brandon's aunt & then tomorrow morning we are getting up bright & early to drive on to Lawrence, KS for the KU vs. Michigan basketball game. I have never been to a big time college basketball game...and from what I hear this is going to be quite the experience. Their team chant Rock Chalk Jayhawk starts out something like a performance by thousands of monks & ends in a shouting tone so loud you can't hardly understand it...yup, that's where I'll be tomorrow morning. Brandon is a diehard KU fan, complete with the gigantic blow-up Jayhawk that makes apperances in their front yard on special game days! Jacinda, one of my best friends from high school, must really love that guy!

So anyways, Brandon & Jacinda will be cheering for KU while Hubby & I will be routing on the Wolverines (even if they basically have NO chance). I am a Wolverine fan by default as Hubby is convinced he was born a Michigan fan simply because he spent 3 years there during the formative years of his life age 2-5...I have tried to convince him that doesn't make him a Michigan native but I get nowhere. Hubby & I will be decked out in Michigan gear sitting next to our friends fully decked out in KU gear...honestly, I haven't fully decided if I'm picking a team or not as I really have no desire to be heckled the entire game for supporting a team which I'm only supporting to support Hubby..make sense?

To make the trip worth it we are having dinner in downtown KC tonight and will most definitely get to see all the Christmas lights in the Power & Light District and maybe even a drive-thru the Country Club Plaza. I'm avoiding most shopping areas at all costs due to the fact it is the weekend before Christmas & I'm done with my shopping and thus have no need to continue on when I'll most likely just be tempted to buy for myself. We'll see if my self-control is in full force or if I fail...I'm betting on fail! ;o)


Brittney Galloway said...

Have fun! Enjoy the day out!

Kathryn said...

Sounds like so much fun! I lived in Missouri for 3 years and always saw things that said "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" but had no idea how they said it. Sounds interesting!

Oh and LOVE the P&L District and the Plaza! Great places!

CJ said...

Looks like fun night out with hooting and shouting! Enjoy!