Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekend Rewind

Well...Rock Chalk Jayhawk...our Wolverines didn't pull out a win; however, the weekend was great otherwise!

Friday we headed out and met up with Brandon's aunt & uncle for dinner. We went to Jack Stack BBQ in downtown KC and it was so yummy. We followed that up with a trip to the Power & Light District to look at the lights and we grabbed some drinks at a local sports bar. We then headed to the Country Club Plaza as things were closing up just to grab a few pictures with the beautiful lights. It was FREEZING cold so I was definitely glad to get back in a warm car.

A beautiful tree in the Power & Light District.

Hubby & I in front of that beautiful tree.

The Country Club was FREEZING!!!!

The whole group at the plaza...I just love their lights at Christmastime.

Saturday we got up bright & early to headed out to the KU game. I chose not to support Michigan and just went for neutral black/white so as to avoid any unncessary heckling. I atmosphere in Allen Fieldhouse was just incredible. I felt like I needed a secret password just to enter because it seemed like some sort of secret brotherhood! Hubby commented that it was the only place he'd been where you couldn't hear the band...and he was right! They were just more background to the cheers from the crowd. I am happy to say that Michigan definitely put up a good fight as KU played terribly during the entire 2nd half. It was well worth the trip just to experience the atmosphere once. We managed to get home around 7:30 or so on Saturday night just in time for us to hit the couch and basically crash...Hubby & I were both exhausted as we didnt' sleep very well the night before.

Brandon & Jacinda...realizing one of his lifetime dreams!

Allen Fieldhouse starting to fill up! We had general admission seats but there doesn't hardly seem to be a bad seat in the place.

The scoreboard...I think this was the only time Michigan was ahead in the entire game. Oh well, at least it wasn't a blow out!

Can I just say that Brandon's aunt & uncle were amazing?!? They were so incredibly hospitable & were so concerned about making sure that every aspect of our trip went off without a hitch. They took us around looking at beautiful Christmas lights in some local neighborhoods, let us spend the night at their house, took care of getting us tickets to the game, dropped us off at the door, picked us up as close as they could get, and even made chili for us after the game! I was so thankful for their generosity and hospitality!

Yesterday we had an extremely productive day. After church & lunch we grabbed some Christmas presents for the furry members of our family & then headed home. I headed out to tackle my huge grocery list for the rest of the week and came home to knock out several things that needed to be done. Batch of chili...check, seasoned oyster crackers...check, 3 pans of cornflake potatoes...check. I only have a couple more things to crank out and then my cooking will be done. I also managed to wrap a couple more presents which means that I only have 2 more presents to wrap before I'm completely finished! Woohoo!

Last night for dinner we invited 2 of our neighbors over to have a Pizza Appreciation party in honor of the garage incident from last weekend. We just ordered a few pizzas and I threw together a batch of brownies. It was a nice relaxing & informal night. I am so thankful for friendly, helpful neighbors...what a blessing!

I can't believe that Christmas in on Friday...I feel like a little kid in a candy store awaiting Christmas day. We have 7 Christmas celebrations in 4 days and I'm so thankful that we will be able to spend time with all of our family members. Tonight we're watching our nephews so my sister-in-law & her husband can get their Christmas shopping completed...should be a fun evening!


Kathryn said...

Great pics....I LOVE Jack Stack!

Mrs. A said...

sounds like an awesome weekend. I love that pic of you and your man in front of that gigantic Christmas tree!

Ria Thurston said...

What a cute blog & fun story :) I was excited to stop by your blog.... Love blogs focused on "couples!" Blessings & Merry Christmas!

Brittney Galloway said...

I'm so glad that your weekend went well!