Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend Rewind

Well as always, it seems this weekend has been centered around lots of yummy food with friends & family. Friday night we had dinner at Doe's Eat Place, a very casual but wonderful steakhouse, in honor of my grandpa's birthday. The food was great as was the company.

Yesterday Hubby & I were able to spend most of the morning/afternoon just hanging around the house and catching up on some various things. I baked chocolate chip cookies--even with all the cookies from the exchange Hubby was still craving his favorite--and we cooked up another batch of chili (more on that in a minute). We left the house late afternoon to try and get a bit of Christmas shopping done and we were slightly successful as we were able to pick one item up for my mother-in-law. We then met up with some friends to head to dinner in Branson, when we got there the restaurant had about an hour wait so we went and did a bit more shopping and I was able to check my sister-in-law off the list. Woohoo! We had dinner at a placed called Texand Land & Cattle and it was also super yummy.

This morning we had church, grabbed a quick lunch and we've been able to just relax and watch football this afternoon. I may have managed to catch a nap. ;o) We also let Bogey in for the afternoon because it is super cold & extremely windy outside. I always feel sorry for him during the winter months; however, he is an outdoor dog and I know he's just fine.

Tonight we are headed back to church for the all-church Christmas party. We are having a chili/soup cook-off (the reason for which we made the chili). I've actually been asked to be a judge (even though we're entering) and the lady organizing the judging said to just skip over mine when I come to it! We are also blessing & praying over all the gifts we purchased for the foster kids before they are sent out to their homes. It will be so awesome to see this huge pile of gifts that are going to certainly bring a smile to so many childrens' faces!

We've got another busy week followed by another busy weekend which is pretty much the norm this time of year! However, I just love all the holiday happenings!


Lindsey said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Sounded like a wonderful weekend:) and so fun to be a chili cookoff judge! Hope yours wins! :)