Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

I love flowers! Not really traditional cut flowers in a vase (although I love those too..wink, wink Hubby)...I'm talking about annuals & perennials that fill our yard with gorgeous colorful blooms through the entire summer & into fall. I'm sure some people might think it's too much color, but I think there's no such thing as too much color! Each Spring I experience such joy shopping for beautiful flowers to use in my beds & planters.

Basically my entire family loves to mess with flowers, & thankfully I've picked up on this hobby as well! My mom has a wealth of information when it comes to what to plant where & certainly pick her brain many times each year if I'm planing something new or different!

Even with all the excessive heat, my flowers are still looking fabulous! In fact, most of them are on at least their second blooming cycle. Hubby & I work hard to keep them nice & watered & the in-ground sprinkler system doesn't hurt!

A couple of nights ago I walked out to water & realized I hadn't taken any pictures this year, so I grabbed my camera & captured some close-ups of some of God's gorgeous floral creations!

Our front bed, full of color!

Two-tone Pink Wave Petunia--Great ground cover for filling in areas in front of larger plants/shrubs!

Royal Purple double wave Petunia--double waves are beautiful & create great splashes of color!

Bloom from the Knock-Out Rose Bush---these are fabulous & can grow in basically any environment. They create beautiful blooms--as long as you can keep the Japanese beetles away!

Lantana--another fabulous, colorful annual that can fill a fairly large area--Just don't put them out too soon or the cold nights will stunt the growth!

Lillies---one of my favorites! The green foliage is fabulous for creating borders!

Straw Flowers--not sure what the official name is! These are just cute, daisy type flowers that sit low to the ground! Love them!

Just another petunia variety--these are also great for filling pots!

See! I told you so--love this combo of petunia, spike grass, & sweet potato vine--pretty sure I'll have to recreate these next year!
Next up is my Pocomoke Crape Myrtle--this is basically a miniature crape myrtle that has similar blooms & foliage to the giant crape myrtle bushes. The small green foliage is beautiful & then pink blooms arrive mid-summer. Such a great addition to any landscaping with a beautiful pop of color!
The blooms fill the entire shrub!
A closeup of the blooms, I love the frilly edges!

A bloom cluster almost ready to burst!

And finally, on the North side of our house I have a beautiful Elephant Ear that is going crazy. Love the color & shape of the elephant ear plant!
While I was outside shooting, I noticed something strange in the grass. Imagine my surprise when I walked up & found this precious baby robin.
From the sound of things (all the chirp, chirp, chirping) the momma bird was nearby & I just hope this little guy survived! He was gone the next morning so hopefully he got his wings & flew away!
Hope you enjoyed the tour of the Layman's garden! It's certainly a joy for us!


Ms. Emily Ann said...

What gorgeous flowers!! I started my first pot this summer, and am hoping to plant a lot more next year. I love flowers and they add so much to your yard, but are definitely a lot of work - You have done a fantastic job!

Ria Thurston said...

Beaaauuuutiful! What great photographs too :) I LOVE the Lantana's --- I am not sure I have ever seen them before. Wow! Amazing!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

oh my goodness, your flowers and pictures are gorgeous! we SO need to do some landscaping in our yard, you have done a great job!

Bethany said...

Man, I wish you would come do my yard.

Megan said...

GORGEOUS!!!!! I love the Lantana's! Beautiful colors! I'm calling you next year, I want mine to look like that!

Callie Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, your flowers are BEAUTIFUL! You need to come do my house next year . . . *smile*

Heather said...

Hey girl, sorry that I have been MIA for a while, it has been crazy with being out of town. Hopefully next week can I get into my routine again!! I LOVE your yard and your flowers!! Gorgeous, you have done a wonderful job!! I especially love the pots with flowers cascading over!!!