Friday, July 16, 2010


Boy am I ready for this workweek to be finished! It's been a busy, but slow week...does that even make any sense!?!? So in honor of my busy, but slow week here's a list of randomness brought to you by me!

~I honestly probably couldn't tell you the last time I worked a full week 8:30-5; M-F. Between summer holidays, vacations, & a day or afternoon off here & there, most of my weeks have included some sort of break from work! Well, not this week & I'm ready for the weekend!

~I'm currently feeling a bit of a sugar high, my lunch consisted of a peanut butter & sugar sandwich--don't knock it till you try it!--a fresh peach, & a small box of nerds (blasted candy from VBS!) I did have water to drink to try and balance out my sugar intake.

~My mom was the VBS director at the church where I grew up. God brought approx. 190 students & workers together for Saddle Ridge Ranch--I know he did some amazing things!

~It's been ridiculously hot in Southwest Missouri, temperatures in the mid 90s with such high humidity that the heat index is rising above 105! I knew there was a reason I loved Spring & Fall!

~Our master bathroom is getting a slight makeover very soon. I went to Lowe's last night to confirm my paint color & Guacamole it is! Who knew there could be so many shades of green?

~The Japanese beetles are back...and disgusting...and eating my roses...and my crape myrtle! UGHHHH!!! Seven spray to the rescue!

~I've been craving a homemade apple pie. I might have to whip one out this weekend!

Hubby & I have a weekend with just the right combination of planned activities & free time to relax & do whatever we please! I'm probably most looking forward to a night out tomorrow night at Cantina Laredo on the Branson Landing. Just the two of us...perfection!

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