Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Rewind

Hot Hot Hot! That's really the only word to describe this weekend. Ughh...the dog days of summer are definitely in full swing with no real relief in sight! However, Hubby & I tried to make the best of things & still had a fabulous weekend.

Friday we fixed dinner at home--a new recipe for homemade honey dijon chicken tenders, a keeper but definitely needs some tweaking next time. After dinner we headed to a new frozen yogurt place nearby called Orange Leaf. Oh my goodness! Possibly my new favorite frozen dessert location! It's self-service with a large variety of yogurt flavors. On this trip I tried small servings of blueberry, pomegranate & original. Next time may have to include peanut butter, or white chocolate, or strawberry, or mango tango, or chocolate--guess we'll have to go back more than once! We finished off the movie with a Redbox Rental--Invictus. I'm sure it was a decent movie, but it was too slow for me & the LaZBoy leather couch won out! I think I missed most of the second half of the movie!

Saturday I woke up fairly early at my normal weekday time & was planning to fall back asleep; however, I rolled over to check my clock & I couldn't make out the time. I glanced up & also realized our ceiling fan wasn't running. power. At that point I realized how hot I was & determined there was no way I could go back to sleep. I was making myself hot just thinking about how hot our house was going to get during the day with no air. Yes, a light over reaction because our A/C finally came back on about 8:30. Thank goodness!

I worked around the house on Saturday before we headed off to wedding for my cousin. It was a simple ceremony with a simple reception; but very nice. Hubby & I headed down to Branson for a little bit of shopping & dinner at the Branson Landing. I managed to pick up a skirt & a dress at Francesca's Collection (seriously my favorite store)! We had a fabulous dinner at Cantina Laredo with the biggest piece of apple pie ala mode you've ever seen for dessert! Yummm...we were soooo stuffed!

Sunday we had a great sermon about our attitude & having an attitude like Christ. Wow...definitely a bit of conviction for me! We had a nice lunch with one of our pastor's & his wife & then headed home to sweat! Mowing was on the schedule yesterday & I volunteered to help Hubby so it wouldn't take him quite so long. was so hot & I could literally flick sweat off of my arms.

Before coming home from church, Hubby & I decided to stop by Lowe's & pick up a cheap little tool to help beat the heat! A sprinkler! We have an in-ground sprinkler system for our yard so we've never had the need for a cheap water sprinkler. We set it up in the backyard & had a's amazing how refreshing just a bit of cold water can be!

I don't think Hubby was quite ready for the cold temperature!

Running through the sprinkler like a little boy!

Bogey definitely joined in on the fun...poor guy, I'm sure he's just sooo hot right now!

Drying off a bit

Playing in the sprinkler...he even jumped over it a few times!

Enjoying the cold water, it felt so good to just stand there in it!

Apparently Bogey didn't really like where the sprinkler was located!
We spent the rest of the afternoon doing pretty much nothing. Hubby headed for the office to study & I whipped out that homemade apple pie that I was craving on Friday! Yummm!!!
I'm pretty sure we'll spend a lot of time this week looking like this--laying around & trying to stay cool!


Ria Thurston said...

YUM! I wish weee had a yogurt place like that :) Cute pictures! It's been hot, hot, hot here too!!

amy (metz) walker said...

HAHAHA! I laughed so hard at the first picture of your husband! You can just see his arched back from the cold-shock!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Cute blog! Looks like you had a fun weekend despite the heat! What better way too cool off than with frozen yogury and a sprinkler? :)