Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rozanne "Rosie" "Granny" Bryan

Yesterday we spent the entire day with Hubby's family & many old family friends who we hadn't seen since our wedding 3 years ago. While the circumstances surrounding the day were certainly sad, it was such a joy to see some of the people we don't get to see but at weddings or funerals.

We all gathered to celebrate the life of Hubby's granny, a woman who I only knew for a short period of time but a woman who made an impact on so many lives. Rosie was a woman who loved the color pink & this was certainly not forgotten during the joint visitation/funeral yesterday afternoon. Many of her friends dressed in pink to honor her & Hubby even brought out his pink shirt and tie for his granny.

Hubby & his Granny at our wedding

Instead of the service being one filled with sadness, the pastor illustrated what a full life Rosie had lead & how much fun she was probably having in heaven with her husband Dick. Pastor Swaggerty's last comment was that maybe if Rosie was lucky, really lucky...God sprinkled the streets of gold with a few pink diamonds to welcome her home.

We'll miss you Rosie, but we'll see you again in paradise!


Ria Thurston said...

WOW! What a beauuutiful celebration of life! Those funerals are the best ones :) I love that she loved pink!!

Kathryn said...

Ohhh, I love that her friends wore pink. So sweet! Know it's sad, but it sounds like it was also a wonderful celebration of life.
Thinking of you!

Alissa said...

Aww! We'll being doing this shortly ourselves with my husband's grandfather. Sounds like a wonderful way to remember her.