Friday, July 2, 2010

Tortoise or the Hare?...Tortoise.

So I hate to even post this for fear of embarrassment, feelings of failure, & most of all a public declaration of my laziness. However, in the hopes of having full disclosure & also trying to be "real" I feel it necessary to post on the progress of one of my summertime goals.

Some of you may remember this post , you know, the post where I came forward on this public blog & stated that I, Lauren, cannot run a mile without stopping. My goal for the summer was to run 2 full laps around our neighborhood which comes out to a grand total of 1.2 miles.

Hubby was incredibly supportive in this very attainable goal & was certainly encouraging as we ran side by side in the dark at around 9:30 pm, with Bogey pulling Hubby along and thus, forcing us to keep going at a fairly quick pace. Our neighborhood is virtually a rectangle & my initial training simply consisted of running the short sides & walking the long. After only a few nights of running, I began to force myself to run just a little further each night & currently my best finish is running 7/8 of 2 laps. I'd say 7/8 of a mile, but again in full honesty the one side I didn't run is the LONG one.

With vacations, nights where I/we just didn't feel like it, ridiculously hot/humid temperatures, Hubby studying like crazy for the CPA exam, and other summer activities, it's been incredibly hard to work up any kind of routine. I'm definitely not a morning runner & with temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s to even upper 90s during the day, the temperatures in the evening don't hardly come close to a comfortable running temperature. On the nights we do run it's after 9:30, we're both dripping in sweat and it's at least an hour after we finish running before we cool down enough to sleep. Not a fun time for anyone, even Bogey.

This is certainly not a surrender post, just an honest update. One in which I say that YES I STILL HATE RUNNING!!!! but also one in which I say, I'll keep going until I meet my goal. Even if I am running in the snow!

I'm definitely getting there, we're still walking on the nights we don't run & when we do run I'm running most of 3 laps...just not 2 complete laps quite yet! We'll get there, it may be fall but I'll get there. Besides...slow & steady wins the race, right?


Megan said...

I HATE HATE HATE running too! :) Keep up the good work!

Jennifer said...

I think you are the opposite of lazy. YOu're working hard at reaching a goal and you're still trying. Kudos to you. (o: And I love that you want to keep it "real." I appreciate your genuiness.