Monday, July 12, 2010

Pool Party Time!

Hubby & I had a fabulous weekend full of fun & lots of sunshine. The weekend was centered around 2 main events: A golf tourney for Hubby & our small group Pool Party!

We did manage to have dinner with Hubby's mom, dad, sister, & our nephews on Friday night before his dad headed home. He'll be back in 2 weeks for a father/son golf tourney so at least it won't be too long between visits.

Saturday Hubby played golf early & I had to gather everything up for the pool party! My parents' are so generous & hospitable...they opened up their home (& more importantly their pool) to our entire small group for some Saturday afternoon fun. We had such a great time & couldn't have asked for better weather. Hubby finished up playing golf in time to help setup...have I told you how much I love this man? He is always so willing to pitch in whenever anyone needs help...

Getting ready to set up the tables & chairs with Josie in his arm.
This was what the pool looked like at about 2:30....

And this is what it looked like an hour later...

We had 8 kids all 6 and under, & 13 total adults. We had a fabulous time! All the kids definitely got more courageous as the day went on...a little too courageous at some points!
Reed heading off the diving board by himself!

Payton taking a snack-break, those poor kids were worn out by the time the day was over!

Drew & Aiden with their snacks...seriously how cute are they!?!

All the ladies keeping watch over the shallow-end of the pool...and catching some rays of course!

Some of the dads keeping watch over the deep-end/diving board area!

Payton's 2nd birthday is this week so we celebrated with cute!

Lydia was not feeling well & wanted nothing more than to be with her daddy all day!

The entire group...we're just missing Jacinda & Brandon--missed you guys! God has blessed us with such amazing, supportive friends.
Sunday I headed to church while Hubby headed to the 2nd round of his golf tournament. He & his partner shot -12 on the first day and were in a tie for 2nd. They finished up yesterday with the 3rd best score at -20. However, there were several at -21 so they ended up in 5th place. Still a great finish if you ask me...their winnings more than paid for the entry fee!
While Hubby was golfing, I got motivated and deep-cleaned practically our entire house! I skipped out on our guest bath, office & guest bedroom because those don't hardly get used enough to need deep cleaning. I also managed to get all of our laundry done. Wow, what a productive afternoon it was for me! While I finished up the house, Hubby worked in the yard & made everything look fabulous as usual.
After our long afternoon of household chores, Hubby treated me to dinner at Chili's & we managed to get home just before the torrential rains came. We've been needing rain for awhile, but not in such huge amounts! I spent the rest of the evening reading & relaxing while Hubby studied for his exams.
Now it's time for a new week, we've got several things going on including my college roommate coming for a visit tonight! Can't wait to see her!


Brittney Galloway said...

That does sound like a great weekend! Your small group looks like a great bunch and I love when I get so much done around the house in one swoop!

Llama said...

awww how fun! that is so nice of your parents to share their amazing pool! what a wonderful hubby you have to have helped make the day special!

Sara said...

What a great weekend! You're making me so jealous - I love pool parties! And that's a great pool! So fun!