Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back from Up North

What a whirlwind trip! Hubby & I got back last night from our surprise trip to Michigan. It was a fabulous trip & we pulled off the surprise with no mishaps! My MIL came to the airport to pick us up under the story of needing to make a last minute funeral dish for a service the next morning. My FIL had finally decided she'd been gone long enough and got up to look in the driveway. It just so happens we pulled up at the exact time & he saw me sitting in the backseat...his first thoughts were "What's she doing here? Where's Nick? Where's their car?" He finally put it together...the surprises kept coming & he was definitely thrilled.

The weekend up north was certainly not the ideal weather. We drove in the rain most of the day Friday & then the weather was miserable on Saturday. Pouring down rain, 40 mph wind gusts and air temperatures only in the 50s made for a less than desirable day. The boys had to postpone the golf for the day but we made the best of it with some shopping, a quick visit to the local casino where we had some vouchers for free play. I'm thankful to say the casino lost money on us! We spent the rest of the evening hanging out in the condo & watching a movie. It was a rainy, dreary day but we still had a great, relaxing time!

A casualty of the high winds

The highlight of the rainy day was walking out on the city pier to look over Lake Michigan...the water was a little choppy.

We had a great time watching the waves crash on this pier...
The surf was incredible...
See that lighthouse at the end of the pier...
And then it's back. Unbelievable!
Love this photo...Nick had his sunglasses on to protect his eyes from the wind. Great contrast with his cheesy smile & my squinty-eyed frown with crazy hair!
My fabulous in-laws with the pier in the background.
Thankfully, the next morning was still very brisk but the sky was clear blue & the sun was shining. My mil and I dropped the boys off at their first golf destination & headed to the spa for manicure & pedicures. After the yucky day before, I was more than ready to be pampered!
The shoreline was gorgeous!
Nick & his dad spent most of Sunday golfing. They were able to reschedule their Saturday tee time for Sunday afternoon which worked out perfect!
They had some incredible views while on the course!
Lake Michigan was just a little bit calmer than it was the day before!
While the boys were on the links, we spent time shopping at a variety of areas including the adorable Main Street area of Harbor Springs! I so wish Missouri had cute shopping areas like this!
After the boys were finished with their last round, we headed to dinner at a local place down by the harbor. It had a fabulous casual atmosphere & was a great end to the trip.
I couldn't believe the size of some of the boats in the harbor...it was ridiculous!
Oh and Nick & I found our next home...complete with yacht garage! What do you think? I know it's kind of modest, but perfect for our next small family home!

Loved the pier & having the sun on my face!

My fabulous in-laws, love this picture of them enjoying the sunset while we explored the pier!

What a fabulous way to cap off the summer! It's back to the real world, but a short work week will be wonderful!


Brittney Galloway said...

That looks like a perfect weekend! Beautiful pictures of the lake and shoreline!

Kelly said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Love all the pictures.

Llama said...

Wow! Those pictures are simply gorgeous! It looks like you had an amaaazing trip! Thanks for sharing sweetie! Hope you have a super weekend!