Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Last of Week of CeeCee

Alright, so I missed book club last week and honestly, haven't had a chance to catch up. Well, at least I made it back the last group of chapters for The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes.

1. At the end we find out Tim was sending Cory money because he thought she could be his daughter since he was having an affair with Genevieve. Did you see this coming?
~Absolutely not! I had decided that the money was coming from Tim, but this whole little issue caught me completely off guard. I guess his focus on Genevieve and thus on Cory makes much more sense; but I never expected Tim to believe he might be Cory's dad!

2. By the end of the story, what were your feelings about Eve? How had they changed since the beginning?

~I'm honestly not sure if they had changed at all. Although she made some extremely poor choices, I've thought from the beginning she was extremely courageous. While she obviously was a little delayed in coming forward with the truth, it took an incredibly amount of courage to come out with all the brutal details of what she went through. She's a woman who's been through a life that I can't even imagine and even though I certainly didn't always agree with her decisions, she did what she thought she needed to to survive and protect her family.

3. Were you happy with the way President Russel treated Cory?

~Yes and no. I felt like Russel treated Cory herself quite well--however, they attacked the only mother she had ever known without even hearing the details. I can't imagine how they were feeling & I'm sure nothing really mattered to them except that Genevieve had died. They didn't seem to care how and in some ways I felt like Cory being alive played second fiddle to Genevieve being dead.

4. If you were in Cory's shoes and had just found out all of this about the woman who raised you and who you believed to be your mother, how would you react? Would you forgive?
~I think I most likely would have reacted in the exact same way Cory did--Complete disbelief, extreme anger, followed by heartbreaking hurt. In the end, I hope that I would have the strength to forgive the way she did by recognizing all the love that Eve had for Cory.

5. In your mind, how does this story end? Do they all live happily ever after? Does Cory go on having relationships with her old family and her new family?

~I like to think that they lived as happily ever after as possible. I think eventually Cory will probably have to choose where the majority of her allegiance will lie; of course, it'd be a fairy tale ending if Cory was able to experience family life with both families. Something about Russel & his daughter just doesn't make me think that they're going to be too quick to completely forgive Eve.

6. How do you think Cory has changed throughout the story? Have your feelings about her changed?

~Like Eve, Cory has gone through an incredible amount of heartache in such a short period of time. I feel like in the blink of an eye she has changed from immature girl to powerful, independent woman. While she could blame some of her issues on her mom, at some point she needed to step up and take responsibility for her actions & her life...I think she's finally able to do that by getting ready of Ken. Thank goodness!

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It was in incredibly quick read & probably not so much intellectually stimulating as simply entertaining. However, sometimes I really enjoy those that draw me in and I don't have to think much to follow. Some might feel this makes for a terrible book--but many times I read to escape & this book provided a story for me to get lost in.

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