Friday, September 24, 2010

Honored & Humbled

Last night Hubby & I stopped by our friends' house to drop something off for this weekend. Derek & Andrea are two people that 3 years ago I didn't even know. They are a couple who randomly knew the same couple we did and were invited to the same small group that Hubby & I had decided to join.

D & A are two incredible people that even with their ridiculous love for all things Chicago Cubs and our obvious love for all things St Louis Cardinals have come into our lives and I honestly can't imagine life without them. Derek & Nick are like brothers, Andrea & I are like sisters--but without the drama & fighting.

We had planned on it being a very simple stop, just running a cooler into the house and coming back out. While it was still a short stop, two small, but incredibly significant, things occurred as we stood there in their living room chatting away. the boys talked about Fantasy football, Andrea asked me to watch her kids should she go into labor during the evening. You see, Andrea is 8+ months pregnant with their 3rd child and she wanted her 2 kiddos to be able to stay at home where they were comfortable. And guess what, that includes Hubby & I. This may seem like such small potatoes, but for Derek & Andrea to put their kids in our hands during such an important time seems like a huge deal to me.

and Second...which is a much bigger deal than the first. As we were getting ready to leave, Andrea says "We have one more thing to ask of you." Derek & Andrea are Catholic & quite devout; but also just devout in their desire to raise Christ-centered children who know Jesus & know the love the God has for all of us. Well being Catholic, each child has godparents...and after explaining what our duties would be, Derek & Andrea asked if we would be their new baby boy's godparents. Wow...what a humbling request. We of course said yes, we'd be so incredibly honored.

Godparents, really? We'll be responsible for attending the baptism, & while another Catholic parrisioner will be charged with the duties of raising up the child in the ways of the church, we'll also be responsible for helping to raise this precious child and providing good examples of a Christ-centered life.

It seems crazy to me that three years ago God would put 2 couples together who would so quickly become fast friends and count on each other for everything. God works in amazing ways & I'm so thankful for the BFF's He brought into our lives.

Now, if only I can be the godmother He wants me to be. ;o)

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Mrs. A said...

how fun congratulations on such a huge honor!