Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Midweek Hodge Podge

After such a busy weekend, this week has been just what the doctor ordered. No big plans or obligations complete with beautiful fall weather. What more could I ask for?

~My parents are on vacation this week which means a fairly slow work-week for me. I do a lot of daily work helping my dad so that all kind of gets put on hold when he's out.

~Hubby & I decorated our front porch for Fall before he left for Chicago last week. We went to our favorite pumpkin stand and filled up on various gourds, pumpkins, Indian corn, and a hay bale. It looks fabulous...I just love Fall!

~My entire family, mom & dad, brother & his wife, Hubby & I, and my mom's parents are all headed to Dallas, TX at the end of October. My grandpa is the original Dallas Cowboy fan in our family & my parents & brother are diehard fans! I just consider myself a Cowboy fan by default but we're all going to a Dallas Cowboys game and I'm already excited!

~At the end of last week I was finally able to shut off the a/c. Neither one of us likes to sleep with the windows open but it's so nice to come home after work to the fresh air streaming through the house. Plus, it makes for nice cool mornings with the windows open all night.

~We've got plenty of plans for the weekend but nothing near as crazy as last weekend. Frieday night we've got a double-date planned with one of Hubby's colleagues and his wife. Pizza and Wall Street is what's planned for now, I'm really looking forward to seeing that movie! Has anyone seen it yet?

~Anyone else having trouble keeping up with the DVR? We're only able to watch about an hour or so each night so we're getting more and more behind. I think we might have to have some marathons just in order to stay on track! Of course we'd have to have time for those marathons!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Fall weather as much as we are...dinner last night was hamburgers and homemade french fries out on the deck! Perfection!


Kelly said...

I love decorating for fall. There is nothing more fun then going to a pumpkin patch. Well, maybe going to a Christmas tree farm but that is still a few months away. I went to a Dallas Cowboys game in Dallas many years ago. It was fun but so hot!

Ria Thurston said...

Sounds like a LOT of fun fall things going on in your world... I love that! Very fun and memorable!

Melanie said...

Sounds like you guys have had fun decorating for fall! LOVE this time of year..and eating outside in the nice weather is the BEST!