Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Rewind

I'm beginning to wonder if summer is ever going to end! The fall festivals are in full swing, but the temperatures seem to fighting the fact that the offical start of Fall is this week! Highs in the upper 80s, low 90s with high humidity made for a hot weekend at Applefest 2010, but it was fun nonetheless. It at least made the apple cider slush taste that much better going down!

Friday was a fairly slow day at the event, but the customers were fairly steady. We packed up about 5:30 and headed home. Hubby & I spent the rest of the evening relaxing, complete with pizza and a movie.

Saturday was a full day at Applefest complete with the parade. My hometown has a designation that only a few other communities in the US have....The Home of the White Squirrels. Our school mascot is not the white squirrel but this is our claim to fame & it always seem to shine with any community event. This year the white squirrel came through in two completely distinct versions...

The SCARY white squirrel (this creature seems to look something like a cross between a squirrel & a dragon)

and the friendly, cuddly firefighting white squirrel! This one is much more pleasant to look at!

My friend had a fairly successful day in regards to sales considering the heat & the seemingly small crowds. I was quite disappointed in the number of people in attendance--at least the sales made up for it! Our hubby's came down late on Saturday afternoon to help us break down & load up the tent. We finished off the evening with dinner at a local BBQ joint that has some of the best BBQ I've ever eaten! I think we made it back to house about 8:00 and I was asleep in our bed by 8:30--the heat was so draining I was exhausted!

Yesterday was the first Sunday for 2 services at our church...9:30 & 11:00. We have plans to attend the early service most of the time so we can have more of our day. That also leaves us free to serve during the second service if needed. With early church we headed down to Branson for a nice lunch at Cantina Laredo. Yummm!! We ran a few errands & made it home just in time to prepare snacks for small group last night. I was in charge and Chex Puppy Chow was on the menu. I also brought some grapes & strawberries just to add a little bit of healthy!

Last night was the first meeting our our new small group & I couldn't be more excited! The new group is basically half of our original small group plus one new family. We're doing a study called Whispers by Bill Hybels & I'm already excited for what God is going to teach us all in the next 6 weeks!

This week is fairly calm for us...hopefully I'll be more productive than last week! Every night last week I simply sat around and watched tv until it was time to walk Bogey & then it was time for bed. I've got a to-do list this week which includes some cleaning and Fall decorating! Maybe if I decorate for Fall then some cooler temperatures will come as well!


Mrs. A said...

haha I have the same mindset maybe if I decorate for fall the cooler temperatures will follow :) can't wait to see all your pretty decorations.

Amanda said...

oh that squirrel is scary! haha! i can't beleive how hot it has been here! yuck! that is exciting about your small group. :)