Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Going to the Big D

This past weekend was a fast-paced and chaotic but tons of fun with family! My mom's dad has always been a Dallas Cowboys fan...always. I think it began when he was stationed in Texas in the Air Force, but I honestly couldn't tell you exactly when he became a fan. All I know is that my grandpa is a diehard and that has been passed down to my brother who is also a diehard Cowboys fan.

Through thick & thin, bad years & good, they both LOVE to watch the Cowboys and it's become quite contagious with the rest of my immediate family. My parents are fans & my sister-in-law realized being a Cowboys fan was a requirement for marrying my brother. Hubby & I...well, we certainly enjoy football, but I wouldn't necessarily call us diehards when it comes to any NFL team. We just love watching a good football game...and in the spirit of football & family time, we became Cowboy fans by default this past weekend.

More so than the game, I was most excited about some good shopping in Dallas at The Galleria. I had been saving some extra cash for several months, so I couldn't wait. I think overall I came away with close to 10 new shirts, a couple new pairs of leggings, and a new pair of jeans...might seem like I spent a ton but Forever 21 became my friend as did the sales rack at Nordstroms...I think I did incredibly well for myself!

My mom found a fabulous hotel right across the street from The Galleria that had been completely redone and remodeled in the past year. It was a Le Meridien property and my parents are members of the Starwood Preferred program so all of us also got upgraded to corner of charge! The property was wonderful and we couldn't have asked for a better location.

Our living room...complete with my shopping spree on the coffee table!

Our separate master bedroom...fabulous!

Sunday was the main event...Dallas Cowboys vs. Jacksonville Jaguars. The new Cowboys Stadium is seriously a sight to be seen and it quite unbelieveable!

We walked around before the gates open and were even able to watch some of the players arrive in their fancy, ultra-expensive cars...Porsche, Mercedes, Bentley's...yup, we saw it all! They also have a paver program where you can have one engraved. Last year, my parents bought one for my grandpa and we were able to find his. However, my parents also have one that includes all of our names but we didn't have any luck finding out paver...we're gonna have to get better directions next year!

Inside the stadium is just as crazy as outside; it's HUGE!!!! Hubby & I went exploring and ended up near the middle of the stadium...we still had many more stairs to reach the top! We decided to head back down since our seats were all the way at the bottom!
Are you ready for some football??
The entrance of the Cowboys' players was definitely a production!
The whole group...hoping for a Cowboy victory!
Hubby & I from our seats
Unfortunately the game didn't turn out quite like we'd hoped. However, we still had a great weekend. If only we didn't have to drive home 6 1/2 hours in the car after the game! I still feel like I'm catching up from being gone all weekend!


Amanda said...

what a cool trip! i would love to see cowboy stadium!!! glad you got to hit the galleria while you were there. looks like a good shopping trip! :) cute pictures too! have a good day lauren!

Lindsey said...

Oh wow! This looks like an awesome trip! Love the pics! Garth and I really want to vacation there, where did you stay?

Kelly said...

I went to a Dallas Cowboys game in 2001. I'm not a Cowboys fan but the guy that I dated was so we flew out there for a day. I love to support my hometown Carolina Panthers even if we are horrible!

Melanie said...

Looks like a really fun trip!! I'd love to visit Dallas sometime..or just Texas since I've never been!!!