Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday...on a Thursday

Well, as hoped I made my weekly visit to Walgreens last night and my haul was just too good not to share. get two Thrifty Tuesday posts this week!

And one quick note on couponing, you might think that you have to stock up for several weeks to have enough coupons to make a difference. That's not the case. Almost everything I bought last night had a coupon that I had clipped at some point in the last week and all but 2 of them came directly from my Sunday paper.

I've also talked with my grandparents who both receive the local Sunday paper and they're going to be saving their coupons for me! This means that I'll have triple or even quadruple the coupons when it comes to some of the really good ones...and believe me, there were some really good ones this week!

Now...on to the loot! 2 large boxes Cheerios cereal, 3 sticks Secret deodorant, 1 stick Gilette deodorant, 1 Oil of Olay Body Wash, 1 Large Oil of Olay Lotion, 1 Small Oil of Olay Lotion, 1 box Domino Powdered Sugar, 1 box Domino Brown Sugar, 1 40 load bottle Downy Fabric Softener, 2 Carefree Women's Personal Hygiene, 1 Febreze Air Freshener, 1 Febreze Home Collections Candle, 1 Maybelline Falsies Mascara, 1 Maybelline Eyeshadow...all for...
!! $21.83!!
With my out of pocket of $21.83, I was able to save $61.43 with coupons and advertised Walgreens savings. See, I told you it was too good of a trip to pass by! And just to clarify, this is all stuff that we use on a regular basis, maybe not the exact brand but we definitely use these products regularly, most of them every single day!


Amanda said...

awesome!!! oh and i just got that same mascara...and it's really good! it makes my lashes really long! :)

Heather said...

Looks like you got some great deals! I love it when I get good deals on items. :)