Monday, November 1, 2010

New Life, Shopping Spree & the Dallas Cowboys

The last 72ish hours have seemed like a crazy whirlwind with Hubby & I running from one thing to another. I'll be back later this week with full recaps of all events, but here's a quick rundown.

Thursday evening I went with my bestie Andrea for pedicures, her birthday present from me that she used in order to make sure she would have cute toes when she went into labor with baby #3. Little did we know that pedicures apparently induce labor! At 2:30 Friday morning I got a phone call that "It's baby time!" Hubby & I were in charge of coming over to stay with the other two kids as Derek & Andrea went on to the hospital. 3:00 am we arrived, said a quick prayer, & watched our best friends leave the house for the last time as parents of 2.

I was a little distraught as we were scheduled to leave for Dallas, TX at noon on Friday for a family weekend of shopping and a Dallas Cowboys game. I was hoping for a quick delivery, but that's just not Andrea. We decided to head on to Dallas, knowing that Derek & Andrea would understand. Baby Cohen Jay was born on Friday evening about 7:30. I've only seen a couple of pictures, but he's beautiful! We're headed to their house tonight for our first introduction---I Can't Wait!

This made the second baby boy arrival this week as my close friends Jennifer & Justin welcomed Baby Beckham on Monday of last week! Babies everywhere!

Back to the Dallas trip....we arrived mid-evening on Friday and spent some time relaxing in the hotel bar. Hubby & I, my parents, & my mom's parents travelled by car & then my brother & his wife met up with us on Saturday after their plane arrived. Saturday was a designated shopping day & I'd been saving my cash for a few months so I'd have plenty of spending money! We had a great time and definitely shopped till we dropped! I'll recap my shopping spree later this week! We capped off the evening with a fabulous meal at a local steakhouse.

Yesterday, was the main event....Dallas Cowboys vs. Jacksonville Jaguars. Unfortunately, it was a pretty crappy day for Cowboys' fans but we still had a great time & the Cowboys Stadium is seriously just unbelieveable. After the game we loaded up and headed home...Hubby & I finally pulled into our driveway at midnight...LONG DAY!!!

I took plenty of pictures so I'll be back with a recap later this week once I'm able to make sure my head is still attached!


Brittney Galloway said...

Oh Congratulations to your friend! And your Dallas trip sounds like fun!

Melanie said...

Sounds like a really fun and eventful weekend! Congrats to your friend on her newest arrival!

Callie Nicole said...

Wow, sounds like a busy weekend! I'm glad you had a good trip, even though the game wasn't so good for the Cowboys. :-)