Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday

So again this week I've failed to make my big thrifty purchase in time for Thrifty Tuesday, in fact there may not be a big thrifty purchase this week, but that in and of itself is being thrifty.

This week I decided to discuss how once you become a couponer, it can truly become an obsession. So much so that when things don't go exactly your way it can come close to ruining an entire night...or at least put you in a very bad mood for close to an hour.

Disclaimer: The story told in this blog is ridiculous, I am an overreactor, and I will admit it. So, please excuse the excess amount of drama coming from a situation that was really NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL!!!!

And now for an example of ridiculous couponing behavior...

Friday night Hubby & I had plans for a nice dinner followed by a college basketball game with my parents. The game wasn't scheduled to start until 8:30 and Dillons had advertised some great deals in last week's ad so I mentioned that I would love to make a quick stop at Dillon's before dinner. Hubby quickly obliged as this was supposed to be a really fast stop with me only purchasing 20 items...many of which were multiples of the same item.

You see, Dillons has these Mega Event sales where if you buy 10 of the participating items you receive a $5 credit or an additional $0.50 off of each item. This is before coupons so you have the potential to get some incredible deals! My scheduled purchase was this....4 cans Swanson Chicken Broth, 4 cans Swanson Beef Broth, 8 sticks Land o'Lakes butter, 2 boxes Quaker Instant Oatmeal packets, 4 tubes of Colgate toothpaste, & 3 Colgate toothbrushes...all for $4.38.

Well...I had everything in my cart and had just gotten to the toothpaste aisle to realize that all the toothbrushes & toothpaste were SOLD OUT!! Now, this wasn't the major problem. It was in the dreaded toothpaste/toothbrush aisle that I realized my notebook with my list was gone, and gone with it were all my coupons for my Dillon's trip along with some high-value coupons for my scheduled Walmart trip for the weekend.

Cue...overreacting & excessive coupon drama! I called Hubby as he was in the car and needed to come help me search. We walked all over that Dillons' store, retracing my steps no less than 5 times...and nothing! I was furious. It literally seemed as if my notebook had disappeared into thing air. There was probably over $20 in coupons in that notebook along with my Dillons Plus card application which contained all my personal information except my SS#. As I was giving up I even asked the customer service desk if a green notebook had been turned in...no luck.

We finally left to go to dinner and Hubby said if we had time we would come back before heading to the game. I was admittedly incredibly grouchy & pouty all through dinner; the only thing helping me out was running into an old friend at Chick-fil-A who also happens to be an incredible couponer. She completely felt my pain and understood my severe frustration!

Hubby convinced me to go back to Dillons and check one more time...he even volunteered to go to the customer service desk for me. Imagine my surprise when he calls and says to start filling my cart back up because he has it! Coupon drama over! I was able to still make a good purchase, not quite as good since the toothbrushes & toothpaste were sold out, but a good trip nonetheless.

However, in the future I promise (to try) to not overreact about any lost coupons, regardless of their value...especially if it runs the risk of affecting a night out with Hubby!


Amanda said...

oh goodness girl!! i'm so glad they found your book. i bet that was stressful!

Sweet Saving Mom said...

It was great seeing you and I am happy to see that you found your notebook. I know how devastating the loss of a coupon/great deal is...I've been known to freak out like that before too!