Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Women of Faith Wisdom

I learned so much at the Women of Faith weekend that I'm still trying to process all that I heard. We had some amazing speakers and it was definitely one of those..."are you speaking right to me?" weekends. I decided it would be impossible for me to put everything into words, so maybe a quick-or not so quick-list of the major points will at least let me put something down in writing. My actual notes ended up being on my phone for lack of a better option...

~Strengths are not necessarily what you're good at...a weakness is an activity that weakens you, even if you're good at it.

~Disappointment in my family, my friends, myself hold us back from trust; there are times when I still pray but I just don't ask for anything for fear of being disappointed by God.

~Has God ever messed with your schedule? Remember God is sovreign, there are no accidents.

~Do you dare to trust the heart of God enough to tell the whole truth? I don't have to pretend that everything is ok; God doesn't expect that.

~As Christians I can sing a song that not even angels can sing, the song of the redeemed

~Not forgiving is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

~There are times when God will take you to a place that seems like a prison, just to set you free.

~Our trust issues are the foundation of most all fear that we experience in this life. In response to that we only give what we can afford to lose, but Jesus came to give us LIFE not just EXISTENCE.

~Putting our dreams to death and trusting that God is good, this might ultimately be the most real act of worship.

~As a sheep with Christ as my shepherd, it's not my job to get myself home. My job is to fall so in love with the shepherd that I can't help but hear his voice.

Wow, just pulling those points out of the notes on my phone bring back so many thoughts from this past weekend. Most importantly, God thinks we're amazing...and who am I to question that?

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Amanda said...

i love Women of Faith. I have gone the past two years...but i didn't get to go this year. so glad you had a great time. i love the WOF worship team too! :)