Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Another great weekend is in the books! It was basically a date-weekend with Hubby & I having tons of quality time together & doing lots of fun things! We had unseasonably warm weather on Friday & Saturday...more on that in a bit. On Friday we took advantage of the 65+ degree weather & had grilled steaks for dinner. Oh how I miss the grill during the winter months! We also went and did some running at our community center before coming home & watching a movie. The American...ughh...not that great, good plot line but EXTREMELY SLOW!!!
Saturday morning was work for both of us and then some relaxing time. The weather was gorgeous again & we probably should have taken more advantage, but it was also nice to just lounge around. Early in the afternoon we headed out for a date night. We ran a few errands & then went to a local restaurant Ocean Zen, where we had a gift certificate that needed to be used up. We finished up the evening with The Dilemma, definitely a funny, light-hearted movie. I love Vince Vaughn & Kevin James and they certainly didn't disappoint.
Yesterday was a typical Sunday with church, chores around the house, & our small group gathering. I was in charge of dinner and I took potato soup & Rice Krispy treats...I've never seen a pan of Rice Krispy treats disappear so quickly!
After a shortened gathering, Hubby & I headed to the Missouri State vs. UNI basketball game. It was being shown on ESPNU and they had declared the game a "White Out" game with everyone dressing in white.

I was definitely surprised at how many got the memo on what color to wear to the game! The game was a tough one, we lead most of the game but ended up losing by 1. Bummer! However, still a great time!
Now, on to the I mentioned earlier, we had temps close to 70 degrees on Friday & Saturday. As we were driving around on Saturday in the gorgeous weather, I looked down at my phone and had a new Weather Update...Winter Weather Watch. Seriously, the temps are close to 70 and we're now in a Winter Weather Watch? Only in Missouri does the weather change so quickly! Since Saturday, that Winter Weather Watch has become a Winter Weather Warning and we're all prepared for a MAJOR winter storm.

See all that pink...yup, that's everyone who has a Winter Weather Warning...apparently this storm is forecasted to impact something like 30 of the 50 states! Seriously winter, I'm done with you! I can handle the snow, but I'd love to avoid any major ice accumlations...we dealt with that in 2007 and it was definitely less than fun! Thankfully I've already done my grocery shopping and I've got plenty of things to keep me busy if I end up with a snow day tomorrow!


Casa Cannon said...

your hair looks great!

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

I just stumbled upon your blog through someone else's and saw we were from the same area. What's crazy is that I was looking at your pics along the side and noticed how many of the same pics we have.... I went to MSU, have the Times Square pic, have a pic in that exact spot in St. Lucia, I love the STL games.... so random that I stumbled here. :)