Monday, March 7, 2011

not dancin' just yet

For most people who endure strep throat, followed quickly by a massive head cold...the following weekend might be reserved for nothing but recovery, complete with plenty of long naps, hot tea, chicken noodle soup, and movie after movie. Well, that just wasn't in the cards for me this weekend!

Friday night we did stay in for dinner and relaxed while eating popsicles and watching the Biggest Loser---that was about the extent of the relaxation for the weekend!

Saturday was work for both of us in the morning and then we gathered at my parents house to watch the Missouri State Bears play in the 2nd round of the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament. We were seeded #1 and had big hopes of making it to the big dance...more on that in a bit.

I basically watched the game and then had to head out for a personal shower/bachelorette party for this little lady!
Mel is getting married in a few short weeks to the man of her dreams & I was thrilled to be a part of throwing her a fun night. She wanted everything to stay pretty low-key so we had drinks, desserts, played a few games, and watched her open a lot of fun lingerie! A ton of fun, but man was I exhausted!
The bride-to-be with the shower hostesses!
Myself and the gorgeous Mel! Love you girl!
Early on in the evening, Hubby decided that we would be spontaneous and head to St. Louis for the championship game of the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament. St. Louis is about 3 1/2 hours away and the game wasn't until 1:05 so we quickly made plans to drive up, watch the game, and head home all in the same day. Thankfully my parents decided to go along with us and we had a great time!
Tickets, were the first priority...nothing a scalper couldn't help us with outside the ticket office!

Championship Game...winner gets an automatic bid to the Big Dance!
Missouri State Bears vs. Indiana State Sycamores

The whole group ready to cheer on our Bears!

Hubby & I~we ended up with really good seats close the floor. They were a little far away from the rest of the Missouri State crowd but still good seats.
Unfortunately, the shots and the calls and the shots and the calls just weren't going our way. Indiana State won the game 60-56. Our boys were exhausted. Three hard games in three days is just hard. Being a part of a mid-major conference means that we only get one automatic bid into the NCAA tournament, and that goes to the winner of our conference tourney.
Now we wait and hope that the selection committee recognizes our successes this season and we get an at-large bid! A season record of 25-8 sure isn't anything to hang our heads about!
All in all, a pretty fabulous weekend..minus the fact that I alternate from sounding like a man to a hacking smoker's cough to a squeaky voice! Needless to say, my massive head cold is definitely winning right now...but I'm sure hoping I'm on the mend! Neither myself or the Bears are dancing quite yet...but hopefully very, very soon!
Either way, I'm still proud to be a Bear!


Laura said...

I hope you guys still make it in! I'm from Wichita and my husband is a Wichita State alum, but I personally cannot STAND WSU fans. I'm actually pretty darn happy they won't make it into the tourney! :) I'm a huge KU fan, and for some reason the WSU fans I know feel the need to hate KU. You guys look so cute in all your team's gear!

Bethany said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for our Bears!!!!!!!!! They've gotten the shaft before, so I'm nervous!!!