Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday

Well it's back, I've finally had time to get caught up on my coupons and combine them with some great in-store sales! This week I made an impromptu visit to Walgreens based on some great sale/coupon combinations! It seems that the later in the week I try to go, the less likely I am to benefit from the big sales. So...this time I went in with no shopping plan, no multiple transaction lineup, I was just gonna pick up a few things with some extra cash I had and call it good!
Well, as luck would have it, I walk to the front door and notice signs posting "Cash & Check Only." No problem...I'm armed with my cash and that limits what I can spend anyway! I roam around the store mentally trying to decide just how far I can make my $12 go and I finally have 3 different scenarios using Register Rewards all planned out. I make my way to the register only for the cashier to look at me and say..."Oh, our Register Rewards aren't printing either!"
Seriously?!? Guess that will teach me to plan ahead and not waste so much time roaming around trying to add, subtract, and multiply coupons, sales, & the number of products in my head! So I promptly took most everything out of my cart except those register rewardless items. I certainly wasn't going to make the entire trip a waste!
Thankfully they would still deduct any coupon amount so I walked out with 3 full size box of Kleenex, 2 tubes of Colgate Pro Health Toothpaste and 1 tube of Colgate Total all for $2.74. I did some quick math (since I had no receipt to calculate my savings) and before coupons and sales I would have spent 16.74 for a savings of $14!
Not bad even for a spontaneous trip...maybe I'll stop by tomorrow to cash in on those register rewards deals!


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

You are so clever... my savings is just randomly taking things out of the cart as I approach check out ;)

Lyr said...

You are the best! I wish I could be better at finding bargains.

Miss Southern Prep said...

What a great deal! I can't believe you got all of that for less than $3! Have a wonderful weekend!