Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Weekend Rewind..I think?!?

Well I don't know about everyone else, but the weather we've had this weekend has certainly made me question whether or not Spring has actually arrived. You would think after living in Missouri for my entire life, I would have come to expect the roller coaster weather that we experience year after year; however, somehow it always seems to catch me off guard and when the calendar says it's Spring, I want it to be SPRING!

Hubby & I certainly made the best of it with a very relaxing weekend. I couldn't have asked for much more! I'm thinking that God knew we needed some R&R and He of course knows that if the weekend had been beautiful, R&R would have been replaced with yardwork and other busyness.

Friday was nothing more than an easy dinner at home, followed by college basketball, and quickly finished with an early night to bed. Tax season definitely takes it toll on Hubby, but on me as well. Thankfully we are both beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel...3 more weeks, just 3 more weeks.

Saturday we both had to work in the morning and then we had basically no plans for the afternoon. I decided to at least make it smell like Spring and whipped up a quick batch of Lemon Sugar Cookies. Mmm....they were so yummy & light. I'm already trying to figure out what occasion I should take them to in the future. They were definitely a simple sugar cookie...just mix, roll, bake, and enjoy!

Lemony, sugary, goodness!

The recipe definitely made plenty to share!

I also tried to bring a little Spring into the house by finally pulling out some Easter decorations...I don't have a lot, but I certainly enjoy the little touches of Spring sitting around the kitchen.
We did take a quick break during the afternoon to visit a very special little boy. You might remember that last week, one of my best friends became a first time mom to a precious little boy. Unfortunately when we arrived he was being closely monitored and we weren't able to hold him. Thankfully, they've since come home and are trying to settle in. He's absolutely adorable with a head full of dark black hair! Love him!
Seriously...look at that hair on the little guy! It's no wonder the poor girl had horrible heartburn!
The entire family...Jacinda, Brandon & Brooks.

We spent the evening with my grandparents & my cousin & his girlfriend. We had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's and had some much needed quality conversation with my dad's parents. We've been trying to get together for a few weekes, but with my sickness and other busy schedules, we just now managed to find a time to get together. I just love getting together with them. My cousin and his girlfriend came over afterwards to watch some DVR'ed basketball and to take some of those sugar cookies off our hands!

Today after church and nursery duty, we continued our quest for all things Spring and headed to one of my favorite greenhouses/gift shops for their Spring Open House. I've been wanting a new wreath for our front door and had good intentions of making one, but I found this one and just couldn't resist bringing it home!

I love it! It's the perfect mix of Spring & hopefully it will last awhile!

I had to snap a photo of our tree in the's gorgeous, I just wish the temps went along with the Spring beauty of this tree!

There are definitely times I wish these blooms would hang around all year!

It's time for another small group tonight, I love having this on Sunday's such a great way to prepare for the coming week!


Lyr said...

Love those trees. They are just beautiful but the weather has only gotten worse here too. I NEED SPRING!

Megan said...

So thanks you to and stupid pregnancy cravings, I think I must make those cookies!! Love your tree!