Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Rewind

What a perfect Spring weekend! After a long week, it was definitely just what Hubby & I both needed.

Friday was an extremely casual girls' night with some of my good friends from high school. We ordered some pizza and just around the dining room table chatting about everything from babies to high school memories to crazy neighbors. We honestly don't get together all the often, but always have a nice time reminiscing when we do!

Saturday I caught up on my duties as housewife and did almost every domestic chore I could think of! I whipped up some banana muffins. This recipe was so easy & they are so delicious!

Next up was tackling the kitchen and bathroom...I cleaned as best I could, and wow did they both need it! Hopefully I finally got rid of all the germs so Hubby won't be picking up this horrible cold. I also managed to throw in a little bit of laundry and I got all this accomplished before Hubby got home at 12:30!

Saturday had been a scheduled yardwork day for awhile. The weather was supposed to be beautiful & we took advantage of it by preparing our front yard for Spring! We pruned all of our bushes, took out the old mulch, put down new mulch, and now we're ready for the gorgeous flowers to start blooming!


and after...

Thankfully I've already got some crocus making an appearance which means Spring is right around the corner! We decided to stay in for dinner and Hubby grilled up some hamburgers--the first of the season--while I was in charge of the homemade french fries; definitely one of my favorite homemade meals!
Today was a great service at church about sexual purity and the Christian view being so counter to the view the world holds of sexual purity. Some of our teenagers made the commitment for True Love Waits and it was so exciting to see these kids making such an important decision for the futures!
Hubby & I basically did absolutely nothing all afternoon and it was wonderful! A nap and a Spring thunderstorm make such a perfect combination!
It's time for another week and the weather is supposed to be mostly gorgeous again! The sunshine does such wonders for my attitude!


Lyr said...

Those muffins look great! And I'm so jealous of your garden. I want to do one so bad this year. I might just do it now :)

Jennifer said...

Hamburgers and fries at home is one of my favorite meals too. (o: Your garden looks great!