Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Big Reveal #2...the Grandparents!

So I've decided with my reveal posts to just publish my posts that I wrote originally. I enjoy reading the thoughts that were leading up to the reveals and also my reactions right afterward...so without further ado, a recap of the 2nd biggest reveal...the Grandparents!

Well today is the day. Today we are telling our parents about the little Layman who will be joining our family in just a few short months. We had originally planned to wait until after our first appointment on Thursday, but I just can't wait any longer!

I had this idea come to me even before the positive test, and when I mentioned it to Hubby he was all excited about it as well. So...seeing as this is the week before Easter, we decided to use the holiday and go for a holiday themed reveal. Saturday on my walmart visit, I picked up a dozen eggs, a Paas egg dye kit, some Easter grass, and an Easter basket.

Remember this post? Well, the dying of Easter eggs had more meaning than just a fun Easter activity this year!

Then last night Hubby & I died 14 eggs (I had a couple extra from another carton) and have plans to place them in the basket and present them to our parents. Well of course you're thinking...so how are they gonna know? Those Paas kits come with a clear crayon that you can use to write on the eggs pre-dying. So...in my nicest handwriting possible I wrote these words on the eggs....Blue or Pink What do you think???
We have plans to present the basket to my parents in person right before dinner tonight. We were sneaky and we've invited them to dinner posing as a celebration to the end of tax season...oh little do they know what's about to hit them!

Unfortunately, we can't drive all the way to Michigan to tell Nick's parents in person. So...we plan on texting them a photo of the eggs and then asking them to call with their opinion afterward! I so wish they were here in person to share in our joy! They'll both be here soon and I can't wait!

Believe it or not, I woke up incredibly nervous this morning. Like stomach in knots, nervous...and no, it wasn't morning sickness. This was like the same anxiety I feel when I know I'm gonna have my blood drawn. I seriously don't know what was wrong with me! Thankfully Nick hadn't left for work yet and he was able to talk me down from my crazed nervousness. All I needed was a little bit of reassurance that everything was going to be ok. I mean seriously, what am I worried about? I'm just a few hours away from telling my parents & my in-laws that we're bringing a baby into this world! Of course they're going to be overjoyed!

I called my parents on my way to work and casually invited them to dinner, under the disguise of celebrating the official tax season deadline. I mentioned just going somewhere casual and you know what my mom said?...well, let me talk to your dad, we were thinking of going down to the lake and going fishing tonight! AHHH...you can't do that! Thankfully, they decided they'd postpone fishing and come have dinner with us. They arrived at our house, and I was so excited, nervous, happy--basically just a big ball of emotion! I talked them into coming into our house because "Hubby wasn't quite ready"...and then proceeded to give them an early Easter present!

Of course, after news like that a casual restaurant wouldn't do...so we headed to Doe's for a nice steak and Orange Leaf to celebrate!

We sent a photo of the Easter basket to Hubby's parents and after a few guesses, they finally asked..."Are you going to have a baby?!?" We were so thrilled to be able to share the news with them as well..even if it was a little bit more long distance than we would have liked!

Looking back on that evening, it couldn't have gone any more perfectly! My parents are ecstatic to be grandparents and have already started discussing their nicknames...I'll share those later once they've fully decided! The entire evening my mom was either really quiet or talking our legs off! I think she might have been just a tad bit excited. And one of my favorite memories is a phone call from the next morning...still in shock I think, my mom called before I came to work and said..."Well, I'm still excited to be a grandma!" I'm so, so glad that our children will have both sets of grandparents nearby and will even get to experience life with 4 of their great-grandparents! What an incredible blessing from God!


Stephanie Hartman said...

That was such a cute idea... They turned out GREAT!!!

amy (metz) walker said...

Great idea...so exciting!

Tiffany said...

SO cute!! Absolutely adorable.

Llama said...

Oh my goodness! How incredibly sweet. I love the entire story leading up to the reveal to the grandparents. I can't wait to hear their nicknames!
What a super idea!

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

Congratulations!!! That's such a cute way to reveal it!

Megan said...

That is such a cute idea!! Y'all are precious!!