Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just a Little Off...

Do you ever have those weekends where nothing major goes wrong, but it seems like every little thing is just not quite right or as it should be? Well...that was us this weekend. By the end of the day on Sunday I think that Hubby & I were both waiting for something major to go wrong just because of all the little things that were adding up.

Again, it really wasn't anything major...but for the Superman Planners that we both are, any diversion on our seemingly perfect plans seems to become a big deal! Guess this is just a quick reminder that WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL!!!

Friday evening we headed out for dinner, a few errands, and dessert (at yet another new froyo place in our area...CherryBerry, it was delicious--give it a try!). When I got home from work, things were already "off" and certainly didn't improve. Some of the more noticeable issues...dinner was less than stellar and Hubby & I had tense conversation about everything & nothing. ha! This resulted in a nice quiet walk with Bogey since I think we both made the internal decision to just keep quiet, as it was just one of those nights were it was best to enjoy the peace & quiet of just being together instead of talking to each other...does this happen to anyone else?

Saturday morning was fine, I was at home working around the house while Hubby played golf with my dad & brother in our local Lions' Club tournament. We had plans to tour the new homes built for the Springfield HBA Parade, but after a longer round than he expected followed by lunch with my dad, brother, grandpa, & a few others...he didn't get home when he thought he would. So...we tried to make the best of it and hit up 5 of the 10 homes we were hoping to see! They were definitely gorgeous...and I'd live in any of them!

Saturday evening was probably one of the easiest parts of the whole weekend. We had made plans to have a casual dinner with some friends from small group & it couldn't have gone more perfectly! It was actually our first time hanging out as just the four of us and we had a blast. I had figured we would have dinner & play some yard games, but we ended up sitting at our kitchen table after dinner just talking about anything & everything for almost 3 hours! Who knows how long we would have chatted if they hadn't needed to head home because of some sick kiddos! We're definitely looking forward to our next casual evening together!

Sunday was Father's Day & I had decided on something classic for Hubby's first Father's Day gift. I purchased these cufflinks from RedEnvelope which he absolutely loved. Definitely something to remember his first Father's Day!

Red Envelope

We headed to church and enjoyed a really nice service, followed by our monthly turn in the nursery. Everything went just as we'd planned until it came close to time to leave, and then it all just fell apart. We had planned on getting to my parents' house as soon as possible and God definitely had other plans! ha! The second service ran about 15 minutes late, the line was long at the convenience store where I pick up my papers for couponing, the Quizno's where we planned to have lunch was actually out of business, then the drive-thru line at Wendy's took FOREVER, my food was cold and awful, and to cap things off...after we'd loaded up Bogey and had already left the house, we realized we left my dad's Father's Day present at home....so back home we went to start over! AHHH!!! It was seriuosly a very frustrating couple of hours!

Never fear...my parents' pool, acreage out in the country, and some great company came to the rescue!

Our refuge from the "off" weekend!

My daddy & his other little girl!

Josie girl...she loves her some attention!

And then there was Romo who enjoyed being on the raft, in the water!

After dinner, we headed up to my next favorite body of water...my grandparents' pond! Beautiful, peaceful, perfect...

My dad & I...love you so much! And so thankful for our afternoon together!

And of course the father of my children!

Father & Furry Son...Bogey definitely wasn't into cooperating for a photo!

And the beautiful "Smart" women...me, my mom, Josie, & my SIL Millie

Thankfully, when we arrived at my parents' house we had no plans but lounging around the pool and enjoying the company. It was just Hubby & I, my parents, and my brother & his wife along with our large menagerie of pups! I honestly couldn't have asked for a better way to end such an "off" weekend!

And of course...a beautiful sunset to cap off thebeautiful day! Isn't God soooo good!?!?


Bethany said...

That pool looks FAB!!! Can't wait to hang out there in August...even though it probably won't be quite that peaceful with a bunch of kids in the mix. ;)

Megan said...

Looks like a wonderful ending to an off weekend! I'm glad y'all got some relaxing time in there!

Lindsey said...

That pool and lake look amazing, jealous!!