Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We're Expecting...Announced a few more times!

If you've hung on through the other big reveals, I promise...this is the last set. It was really important for us to be able to share our big news with all of those people who are near & dear to us. Which made for several big announcements over the course of several here we go!

We had our first dr.'s appointment on April 19, 2011 and while I knew that there were certainly risks with spilling the beans, I just couldn't hold in any longer! With our first appt. behind us, we decided there really was no good reason not to tell everyone! Most people we wanted to tell in person so coordinating that was definitely a little interesting, but I think it all worked out fabulously!

We decided to take advantage of the Easter holiday and tell my entire family on Easter Sunday. My little brother & his wife weren't going to be able to make it for the celebration so I made a phone call on Thursday night hoping so badly that they were both together. My hopes were confirmed when my brother answered the phone and said that he was studying & Millie was fixing turkey burgers. We small-talked for a bit and then it was time...." you think you're ready to be an uncle?" Oh how I wish I could have been there to see his reaction. It was priceless..."Really?" he said. And then I could hear him cover up the phone to tell Millie..."They're pregnant!" He was in such shock but SOOOO excited for us. Apparently he's been the one asking my parents every time he sees them if we're pregnant yet...well, we can officially say we are. At one point in the conversation he asked " far along are you?" and before I had a chance to answer..."Wow, that's just so weird to even ask my sister!" Thankfully they'll be here this summer so we can hangout and baby shop together! was so joyous and we've been enjoying every moment of sharing the news!

The proud parents-to-be!

Next up were our dear friends Derek & Andrea. Small group was cancelled for Easter Sunday and there was no way I could wait for 2 weeks to tell them. So...I made up some ridiciulous excuse to go over there (something about flowers to match a couple of dresses for HI) and headed over. Now here's something incredible. While I was having my blood drawn earlier that day, Nick had my phone in the waiting room playing angry birds. A text from Andrea came through that said...You r on my mind today...@ 2:25. Our appt was at 2:20. Seriously how incredible is that?!? So...when we got to their house we small-talked for a bit and since the kids were downstairs playing we took advantage of the quiet. I looked at Andrea and said..."So, when you sent me that text today, did that just come over you?" Yeah, she said. I proceeded to tell her that was just absolutely incredible because I received that text when I was sitting in the dr's office....because we're going to have a baby! She screamed so loud she made sweet little Cohen cry but it was so fun! They were seriously so excited for us and I can't wait for her to be with me on this journey. As a mother of 3, she's certainly got tons of wisdom and you can bet I'll be tapping into that on a regular basis!

That was all the reveals for a few days as we headed to STL. Easter Sunday came & my parents joined us for church. My mom was so excited to finally be able to share with someone the wonderful news. Nick & I decided to ask my dad to spill the beans at some point during or after the prayer over our meal. He always prays for those in our family who aren't able to be with us so it was the perfect opportunity. So...we gathered together and he prayed. He prayed for my brother & his wife, my cousin & his wife, and then prayed for all those who were in attendance, those who weren't, and those who were soon to come. hahaha...apparently some people caught on to something at that point.

After the prayer he said the he had been asked to announce that while there were 33 in attendance today, soon there would be 34! That's all he said, and walked away. Everyone glanced around the room for a few moments before realizing that Nick & I were the ones with huge smiles on our faces. It was incredible to be able to share such wonderful news with my entire family all at once. My grandparents were of course all thrilled. My Grandpa Herndon was standing next to my mom...and said "Lauren?" And my mom said yes and just smiled! My Grandma Herndon was standing next to one of my cousin's and my aunt and she said "What did she say?" When they responded, "You're going to be a Great Grandma" I think she about fainted. It was quite awhile before she ever got her feet back under her...she was truly in shock. My grandpa even sat down and chatted for a bit before heading to get his food...which NEVER happens! They were even upset at myself and my mom for not sharing the news sooner! hahaha!

Hubby & I with our revealing Easter basket & one of Baby Layman's first Easter present...a bunny of course! We also received 2 sets of newborn gowns in the mail from Hubby's parents...a set in blue, and a set in pink!

Obviously at this point, I knew it was a long shot....but I said that we hadn't had the opportunity to tell everyone we wanted to so if they could just keep quiet for a week then that would be wonderful. At that point we still hadn't had the chance to tell my coworkers, our small group or Hubby's sister, brother-in-law & nephews. I am proud to report that no one told early! ha!

My coworkers were next. I had my mom come to work along with my basket of eggs and after some coaxing, I was able to have them gathered together. I only work with 2 other ladies who aren't family, one of them caught on right away...and the other was in such shock that I don't think she realized what was happening! It was quite hilarious to see her so excited...of course she's the one who's been saying since Hubby & I got married that we needed to have kids! ha!

The small group reveal was another fun one! I was in charge of bringing dessert for dinner that night so I made cupcakes, complete with the big news! I sat down the platter of cupcakes at the kitchen table for everyone to see....and boy where they surprised!

Everyone was so excited and I seriously can't believe that God has blessed us with such an incredible group of friends to go along with us on this journey together.

And then finally, on that Monday evening...we were able to meet up with Hubby's sister & nephews for dinner. Hubby asked his oldest nephew Hunter if he thought he would like to have a baby cousin...of course he didn't quite understand, but my sister-in-law quicky caught on and joined in on the celebration!

Whew...I think that's all of the big reveals. It was such a blessing to tell so many different people in so many different ways. It never got old seeing the response and joy on our loved ones faces as we told them how God was blessing our family with a new addition!

It already seems like so long ago, but things are going so well & we're now 13 weeks along! The planning has begun and now we're just awaiting the big appointment in July when we can know whether to call this baby a he or a she!


lindsey said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I don't know how I missed this but I did!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO!! Congratulations Lauren! :)))) I cannot wait to read about your pregnancy journey! :)

Christin said...

So excited for you!

Amanda said...

i just love all the reveals!!! i'm so happy for you guys. :)

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

WHERE HAVE I BEEN??? I am soooo sorry... this summer is so busy. CONGRATS, CONGRATS!!!!! :-) What an exciting thing for you two. I love how you told your families, the Hawaii trip... everything :-) AMAZING! Fun fun times, can't wait to hear about this growing baby!! Bless you!!

Megan said...

I love how y'all did something fun to tell everyone!!

Llama said...

Another amazing idea! Ill have to remember these if I am lucky enough to have a baby someday! So so happy for you both! :)